Saturday, 19 January 2013

Do YOU Love The Snow???

... oh it's lovely to look at, but then it becomes a pain in the behind!
The white turns into the most disgusting shades of grey and brown with all the other not so pure things that it is mixing with!  The flattest and easiest of pathways becomes an obsticle course for those of us that no longer find falling on our rumps quite so much fun! AND, if you have managed to brave 'the slush', 'the cold' and 'the fear of falling', you then have to fight for the last loaf of bread (or pint of milk) in the supermarket because any minute now the electricity is going to fail (it's been threatening all night with its imitation of a strob light!).  I am NOT a fan of the white stuff!
However... it does give some of us a 'snow day' (as the Americans call it).  A couple of years ago, I was snowed in and being a conscienious employee, I walked to the end of my lane (1 mile, in order to get to work) where I had left my car the night before because the lane was blocked with the white stuff.  I forgot that I was no longer a teenager who still found such things an adventure, and by the time I had reached my car (did I mention it was 1 mile?) I had fallen three times and was no longer in any fit state to attend work anyway!  So after phoning my son from a nearby house (thank the lord for quad bikes! perhaps I should have asked him to take me in the first place!!!) I swore I would NEVER do that again.  Never let it be said that I don't live and learn... now I am happy to gaze out my window and hope that the road clears soon.  But not before I have done a few cards!
Back to the crafting... I am making a conscious effort to use up some of the left-over bits that are always acclumilating, with this in mind I made this from some scraps, peel-offs and ribbon...

You are now supposed to be viewing my marvellous creation... but alas no... for some reason blogger will not longer allow me to 'browse' my images in order to select one to upload to this blog post! Why? I've no idea?????
We are ALL aware that I am NOT the greatest of bloggers (I get confused very easily) but I swear it is nothing I have done this time!  Its kinda boring without a picture!!!  I hope I get it fixed soon...
Blah... blah... blah...

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