Sunday, 21 April 2013

Star Quality

DIE CUTTIN DIVAS have got  'A Star for Astronomy Day' challenge, which I thought I would enter.  Also 'ONE STOP CRAFT CHALLENGE' Ch. 225 'Not Square' so I made a shaped card using the Cricut 'LIFE'S A PARTY' cartridge p. 63.  I rummaged through my brown scrap drawer and found a piece of brown CS.  I then used the 'fit to page' key to find out what size card would fit on the piece of CS I had - 5 3/4".  I cut the base card out and then embossed it using a cuttlebug companion folder from the 'Country Life' collection.  I used a piece of 'BASICGREY' 'Recess' (demerit) paper for the layer, so I'll enter the BASICGREY challenge (ch. 92 'Masculine').  With a few embellishments (button, twine brad and gems) my card was complete! 

I'm having a go at scheduling my post, so if this posts at 20:00, I'll know I did it right... if it doesn't I'll know I'm still an Internet blogging idiot!
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 SEE THE TIME?  Whoop, whoop...

Bar Closed!

I've just finished doing the bar, tidying up and locking up... now I'm unwinding with a cup of tea and a chocolate cupcake with marshmallow filling and chocolate fudge frosting, that my daughter made earlier (yummy).
I've been running the caravan park single-handed yesterday and today (everyone else has gone to a 40th birthday party!) so I haven't managed to post until now!
I seem to be a little 'stuck' in the Cricut 'CINDY LOO' cartridge at the moment...
The background  paper  is  from 'FIRST EDITION'  'Dreamcatcher',  I used the filigree cut on  p.29 at 3 1/2".  The pink paper is glittered and from 'CREATA'.  I used gems, ribbon and peel-offs for the embellishments

CRAFTING FOR ALL SEASONS -Ch. #50 - 'No Stamps Allowed'
Thanks of stopping by... I hope you like today's creativity.
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Friday, 19 April 2013

Owl You Need Is Love!

Good Afternoon all...
Just a quick post today, 'cause I'm pretty busy.  The sun is shining and so before it gets too cold, I'm out in the gardens helping my mum.
CARD BASE - white A6 card blank -  corners rounded
1ST MAT - chocolate CS (5 5/8" x 4") - corners rounded
2ND MAT -  ECHO PARK 'Dots & Stripes - Candy Shoppe', Bubblegum Large Dot (5 3/8" x 3 3/4") - corners rounded
3RD MAT - ECHO PARK 'Dots & Stripes - Candy Shoppe', Bubblegum Small Dot (5 3/8" x 1")
CRICUT CUT - 'CREATE-A-CRITTER' cartridge p. 25, <Owl> all four layers cut (3 1/2") - stickle glitter added to 'feather' front and white gel pen for highlights
SENTIMENT MAT - chocolate CS (7/8") - corners rounded
SENTIMENT - white CS using SCRAPPY MOM stamp set 'owl occasions' - corners rounded

INSIDE - This piece of ECHO PARK paper is from the very top of the sheet that you cut off... you know the bit with the hole in it.  I decided, waste not want not and re-purposed it for the inside, where the hole is I've placed three gems.


FAB 'N' FUNKY CHALLENGES - Ch. #167 - '1, 2, 3 Challenge'



A CARD A DAY Blogging - 'Friday'

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Thursday, 18 April 2013


'MY Cricut Cartridge Alphabet'... number 7

'CINDY LOO' cartridge release June 2010 was originally aimed at providing a whole host of images and borders to finish your projects based on other cartridges.

The creative features are:- 'layer', 'border', 'frame', 'font', 'font layer' and 'shadow'.  I think this cartridge is a GREAT one.  I love the whimsical images that are not too complicated but have a big impact.  There are some lovely floral designs and some art deco styled borders that would look lovely on any project.  The font is great and the frame feature is very, very versatile. There are Cuttlebug Companion embossing folders available for this cartridge and you can even purchase individual images from using the 'Cricut Craft Room'.
My View... this is a great cartridge for both beginners and more advanced crafters, the frame feature alone will be used again and again!  I'd wanted this cartridge for a long time, when I finally got it... I was not disappointed.  There is a nice variety of words available from p. 65 onwards, making this a good all-rounder.  It also has some lovely doily shapes which are very 'IN' at the moment.  The cartridge has an envelope cut and a gift card cut, both of which are very handy.
My Verdict... Get it, you wouldn't regret it.  This is one of my top 5.
Here's what I'd like to share with you today, a very simple but stunning card...
CARD BASE - A6 green scalloped edged card blank - from stash
1ST MAT - cream textured CS (3 5/8" x 5 1/2")
CRICUT CUT - green CS 'CINDY LOO' cartridge p.65 <Tree1> (3"); pink CS <Tree1-s> (3") - the pink cut has been embossed using 'TIM HOLTZ' 'Woodgrain' embossing folder
EMBELLISHMENTS - pink 'heart' ribbon and gems - from stash

As always the inside is decorated using up any off-cuts, here I have also added a row of pink gems, I just love this colour combination.
SISTER ACT CARD CHALLENGE - Ch. #2 - 'Anything Goes
A CARD A DAY Blogging - 'Thursday'

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ding Dong...

I watched Margaret Thatcher’s funeral today, not that I’m usually an avid viewer of the morbid or macabre, but this was an occasion to be remembered.  Whatever your view of this woman (and everyone has one), she did effect SERIOUS change in Britain.  Some will say for the good, some will say for the bad.  Me? I too, have a very strong opinion on this subject, which I will not share on my blog (this is my ‘happy place’).  I, will be passionate about my crafting here, not about politics (unless it is to occasionally take the mick!).
Baroness Thatcher, even in death is STILL causing major dissent throughout this country. Normal, upstanding citizens, who would not normally behave this way, seem to have lost all signs of moral decency and are actually booing as someone is wheeled passed during their funeral, it's not like she can hear them! Our country, it would seem is very strongly divided in its thinking concerning this once powerful leader (in some places the extreme of this is called ‘civil war’). Some believe she should be in line for sainthood, whereas others believe she is Satan’s handmaiden and is in all likelihood being reacquainted with HIM as we speak!
Whether you are crying buckets or singing ‘Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead’ please leave the serious politics somewhere else - not on craft websites (if only I had followed my own advise!). It is understandable to have objections to some of the Thatcher Policies especially if you were adversely effected by them (and lots were), and I personally would rather see the “ONLY” 10 million pounds that has been spent on a state funeral, spent elsewhere (my replacement hip, for instance or allowing me to have physio immediately rather then having to wait three months) but, strongly though I feel... HERE is not the place for my voice to be heard.  I noticed on a crafting Facebook page, that people are actually falling out over the Baroness... and she’s dead!  It all got very... “well, she said, so I said... and then I deleted her from my page (whatever)”. Seriously leave the politics in the real world and let’s all craft in peace [man] (I sound like I’ve just come from Woodstock, ha ha ha).  Usually craft sites are celebrating each others talent and creativity, Maggie, is putting a spanner in the works... yet again! I try hard to respect everyone’s opinion (as I would expect mine to be respected) but time and place people!  Perhaps I should start a campaign...
“NO POLITICS... IN CRAFTING”     or    “HOBBY DON’T LOBBY”     or     
So... even though I DID get a little political in the middle there (government spending/heath policy), I DO think we all should concentrate on crafting - on crafting sites.  Perhaps a little - "live and let live" wouldn't go a miss... that's more than the Baroness is doing now!
So I've had my say, let's craft...
CARD BASE - A6 white card blank - with scalloped edges from stash
MATS - 2 squares using 'CREATA' 'Design Blok 8'  (3" x 3")- corners rounded using a punch, adhered using foam pads
CRICUT CUT - 'CINDY LOO' cartridge p.50 <Flower2> (3 1/4") plus all relevent layering cuts
EMBELLISHMENTS - gems - from stash (pound shop purchase!)
SENTIMENT - "sorry" peel-off - from stash
ENVELOPE - lined using 'CREATA' 'Design Blok 8'

INSIDE - cream CS (3 1/4" x 3 1/4") and 'CREATA' 'Design Blok 8'  (1" x 1") - corners rounded plus a gem
A CARD A DAY Blogging - 'Wednesday'
LET'S CRAFT AND CREATE - Ch. #68 - 'Flowers'
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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cool Cat

I've got a little bit hooked on this Cricut image from the 'CINDY LOO'  cartridge... its just so cute that I can't seem to do anything BUT this at the moment!  Funny how we sometimes get obsessed with certain things... isn't it? 

I used a kraft card blank (obsessed much?) and matted a piece of paper from the  'HOT OFF THE PRESS' 'Red Velvet Artful Card Kit' collection.  With my delightful kitty cat and some embellishments, card complete... how cute is that?  The arrow paperclips were purchased from my local 'pound' shop!

 This sentiment is from a set I've got by 'SCRAPPY MOMS' called 'Raining Cats and Dogs', there are some great puns on this.

 As always the inside is decorated using any left-over scraps!
Thanks for looking, I think I'll enter this into the 'Heavy Metal and Hels Sheridan' Challenge #90 at 'ANYTHING GOES CHALLENGE BLOG'

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Red alert, panic stations...
Can someone tell me why it is that although my daughter is a TOTAL organise freak when it comes to all the things SHE does, that she insists on constantly only giving me one day when she wants me to make her something!
Her organising freakiness is such that plastic boxes cause her to *sigh* almost as much as patterned paper causes me to open my handbag and get out my credit card!  The best present she has ever received was a book about being organised!  Everything, and I mean everything, has a proper place - with attached labels!  I caught her boyfriend coming out of her room the other day, with his name taped to his forehead (just kidding... but even that wouldn't surprise me!).  I tease her sometimes and pull out my label printer and when I see her drooling and casting furtive glances towards it, I put it away again.  She takes the bait EVERY TIME, and when she asks if she can borrow it, I tell her the label cartridge has just run out - the look of disappointment on her face is priceless! Ha ha ha.
Where does this come from?  I don't mean my meanness, I mean this need to be organised?  Well...
I DON'T KNOW - I'm messy, perhaps whilst growing up she decided she really didn't want to be like her mum!  Now the only time she makes a mess is when she is with me, so I can clean it up!  I can't help but love all the quirkiness kids show as they grow and develop whilst they are growing up and learning who they are.
Anyway back to the panic... "I need a thank you card for someone who likes cats... like yesterday, that ok Mum?" my reply, like all accommodating mums... "yes, of course, when do you need it?".  "By tomorrow".  It is ten o'clock at night! Cheers, daughter mine!  Not too organised today, are you, love?
So my cute little cat is from the 'CINDY LOO' Cricut cartridge, I also used the 'ELEGANT EDGES' cartridge to cut out the shape behind the cat.  I used three different design papers as well as Cricut CS.
They were...
BASICGREY - 'Recess' 'Answers' - for the cat's base layer, which includes the tail and  feet
MY MIND'S EYE - 'Blink of an Eye' - for the shape behind the cat, p.56 'book' creative feature
ECHO PARK - 'Country Drive' 'Daisy Fields' - fabulous papers ALMOST unbeatable! for the 2nd mat
DOCRAFTS PAPERMANIA - Kraft Card Blank - square 5 1/4" x 5 1/4"

ALLSORTS CHALLENGE BLOG - Wk 202 ' 'Letter of Your Name' - K for Karen and KRAFT
 MY CRAFT SPOT - Ch. #95 - 'Anything Goes'
FAB 'N' FUNKY CHALLENGES - Ch #166 - 'Spring Colours'
CHALLENGES 4 EVERYBODY - Ch. #18 - 'Anything Goes'
TOTALLY PAPER CRAFTS - Ch. #162 - 'Get Krafty'
BEARLY-MINE CHALLENGES - Ch. #82 - 'Spring Flowers'
CARDZ TV - Ch. #27 - 'Mix It Up'
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Monday, 15 April 2013

It Is Not Swell!

I am still unwell.  In the head.  Well, specifically unwell in the sinuses. Because my sinuses are swelling. Swelling and welling. With what, I cannot, in all good taste, say.  But it's not good!  Oh, no, the swelling and welling is not swell.  So,   I   am   not   well.

Apparently, when I am sick I get poetic and feel compelled to channel Dr. Seuss!

I am suffering from an ‘upper respiratory tract infection’ (I know this,  because I have just spent two hours pouring over a medical dictionary). This is a fancy way of saying that I have a ‘cold’. I KNOW I have already told you that, but I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself and so saying that I have a cold’ does not really give you the full image of the depth of my suffering... so I prefer ‘upper  respiratory tract infection’.

I might even add an "itis" to it.  How about rhinopharyngitis? With an occasional roughness to my usually delicately-tuned vocal cords, we could even venture to laryngitis. Or pharyngitis or even sinusitis.
This continued attack of illness is incredibly inconvenient at the moment as the sun has decided to shine and the wind has dropped to a degree that will no longer effect poor little monkey’s nether regions! Meaning I SHOULD be out in the gardens... weeding or finding paintbrushes and opening tins of paint! But I am not, so instead I’ll just have to stick to answering the telephones and giving the caller my sultry,   sexy rendition of either a deep-voiced telephone call-girl or a man!  The only images my current dulcet tones are likely to conjure are ones of sweaty wrestlers or butch lumberjacks! So not only do I feel and look like a creature ‘from the black lagoon’ but I also sound like one as well... woe is me!

Do you hear those violins playing in the background for me?  ;-)

I was planning on discussing something deep and meaningful today.  But I am constitutionally incapable of doing so at this time. Probably because my skull is full of stuff that is not grey matter (or is it gray matter?), or what’s the matter... you hey, gotta no respect
¯Oh dear, it’s getting worse, my ‘upper respiratory tract infection’ is beginning to effect my green matter...
I DID manage a card for LITTLE SCRAP PIECES Fun Friday Challenge 'May Flowers'.  Whoop, whoop...


I used a kraft square card blank for this and added two patterned papers, the bottom one is from a paper stack called 'FOREVER FRIENDS' called 'Kraft Notes' and the top one is from  'CREATA' 'Design Blok 9'.  The topper is from a 'Hundydory' kit and the frame is a Cricut cut from the 'ELEGANT EDGES' cartridge p.56 'oblong frame' creative feature <Bird3>.  I have used yellow ribbon from my stash and a gold peel-off.  The flowers are from 'CREATE AND CRAFT' shopping channel and have a pearl added to the their centres.
The inside is decorated using up any scraps of paper and another flower with a pearl.

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Good morning everyone, I'm posting quickly before I head for the shower (too much detail?, sorry about that!).  I made this for my little cousin (she's only 5, my uncle married - for the second time - a lovely Filipino lady and promptly decided to start breeding again, at 60!), chloe, she's such a sweetie...
Nice simple card, little Chloe will LOVE!


 CARD BASE - kraft CS (8 1/4" x 8 1/4") -  scored and folded in half to make a DL sized card
1ST MAT - 'FOREVER FRIENDS' called 'Kraft Notes'  (6 1/4" x 3 7/8") - hearts
2ND MAT- 'FOREVER FRIENDS' called 'Kraft Notes'  (1 3/4" x 3 7/8") - pink dots
CRICUT CUT - 'PLANTIN SCHOOLBOOK' 'C' 'H' 'L' 'O' 'E' (1 1/2")
SENTIMENT & EMBELLISHMENTS - gems, stickle, buttons, beaded string and ribbon - all from stash
Hope you like it... I do!
TOTALLY PAPER CRAFTS - Ch. #162 - 'Get Krafty'
MY GRAFICO CHALLENGE - Ch. #148 - 'Anything Goes'
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cough, cough...splutter

I'm really not feeling 100%, but I could resist posting a couple of "this will make me feel better" cards, but I really can't be bothered to go into too much detail... sorry about that!
The first, I made with a challenge in mind... FANTABULOUS CRICUT CHALLENGE blog have a great colour and shape challenge ending today, so I wanted to get this in!  I'm afraid I went with the obvious, for a triangle... a sail, but I'm not feeling too good so you'll have to forgive my lack of imagination.
All cuts were made using the Cricut 'JUST BECAUSE CARDS' cartridge @ 5 1/2" for the outside of the card. I used the image on page 67 - the boat (duh!).  Most of the CS was from my stash, using up bits and pieces (aren't I good?), I do know the blue strip is from an 'ECHO PARK' pad 'Dots & Stripes - Candy Shoppe', Raspberry Small Dot and the yellow is  'TERESA COLLINS' 'Fabrication' 'yellow brocade'.  The Cricut cut used inside the card and on the outside of the envelope was created using the 'sticker' creative feature.
The second card I'd like to share with you is also from the 'JUST BECAUSE CARDS' cartridge...

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dog gone...


Morning peeps, how's it hanging?
Before I show you my latest creation I'd just like to tell EVERYONE how generous my mother is!  Has she bought me a car? I hear you ask... A new outfit?  A house, maybe?  No, none of these, although if you could give her a nudge, it might help!  She has generously shared all her disease-ridden germs with her oldest daughter (she's not so generous with her youngest!).  Yes, I have a cold... and its a stinker!  Thanks Mum!!!
I don't know if its the women of her 'era' or if people today are generally more moany (is that even a word?), but whilst I am coughing and spluttering, dripping and blowing, moaning and groaning - she is merrily (and quietly, unlike me) getting on with things!  Whilst I bemoan my unfortunate laspe into sickness land, she is carrying on with a smile on her face... God I love that woman!  I don't think I could admire anyone more, than I do my mother.  She is the most positive person I know and it is ALWAYS wonderful to be with her - I do wish she would keep her germs to herself, however!
I was looking through my Cricut cartridge collection yesterday (like you do) and realised I hadn't shown you anything from the 'JUST BECAUSE CARDS' cartridge, so inbetween coughing and nose-wiping, I came up with this (I don't think I'll be giving it to anyone I really like - its probably got too many germs on it!)...

CARD BASE - 'CREATA' 'Design Blok 7' glittered patterned paper/CS and 'JUST BECAUSE CARDS' cartridge p.37 <Dog> (5 1/2") , also cut the insert <Dog-s> (5 1/2") in black CS - adhered to the inside
1ST DOG MAT - black CS scalloped circle (3") - 'WOODWARE' punch
2ND DOG MAT - 'CREATA' 'Design Blok 7' green glossy spotty patterned paper/CS (2 1/2") - 'WOODWARE' punch
CRICUT CUT - white CS p.37 'layer 1' creative feature <Dog> (5 1/5") and black CS p.37 'layer 1' <Dog-s> (5 1/5") -  adhered together using 'ZIG' two-way glue
1ST SENTIMENT MAT - black CS (3 5/8" x 1 3/4") - punched using 'X-CUT' 'scallop' border punch
2ND SENTIMENT MAT - 'CREATA' 'Design Blok 7' green glossy spotty patterned paper/CS (3 1/2" x 1 1/4") - faux stitched
SENTIMENT - black CS 'JUST BECAUSE CARDS' cartridge p.37 'word' creative feature <Dog> (5 1/2"), also red CS p.37 'word' creative feature <Dog-s> (5 1/2") - adhered together
EMBELLISHMENTS - red string beands, gem, white rub-on - from stash

Challenges?  yeah...
CRAFTY-EMBLIES - Ch #9 - 'Anything Goes'
LADY ANNE'S CHALLENGES - Sentiment Friday Ch. #8 - 'Anything Goes'
A CARD A DAY Blogging - 'Saturday'
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Friday, 12 April 2013

90... WOW!

I recently purchased the 'CINDY LOO' Cricut cartridge, so I thought I'd make my Grandmother a birthday card using some of the cuts from this lovely collection.  She will be 90!  I used a couple of patterned papers, one for the florish and frame and one for the background mat. 

CARD BASE - blue scalloped card blank (6" x 6")
1ST MAT - 'MY MIND'S EYE' 'Pretty Please' (5 5/8" x 5 5/8") - free with a craft magazine
CRICUT CUT FRAME- using 'TERESA COLLINS' 'Fabrication' 'floral garden' and 'CINDY LOO' cartridge, 'frame' creative feature p. 40 <Flrish3> (3") and <Flrish3-s> (3")
CRICUT CUT BIRD - using Cricut CS p.64 <Bird> (3") - cut and adhered all layers, adhered to card using foam pads
CRICUT CUT '90' - using black CS and the 'font' creative feature p.36 cut <Frame1> (1 1/4") and p.37 cut <Frame2> (1 1/4"), then using blue CS and the 'font layer' creative feature p.36 cut <Frame1> (1 1/4") and p.37 cut <Frame2> (1 1/4") - adhere the layers together, then adhered to card using foam pads
SENTIMENT - 'happy birthday' rub-on - from stash
EMBELLISHMENTS - pearls, butterfly and flower - from stash
I'm really pleased with the way this turned out and I'm LOVING this cartridge!
CREATED WITH LOVE CHALLENGES - Ch# 36 - 'Recipe Challenge'
DIE CUTTIN DIVAS - Ch. #110 - 'Pastels'
MY CRAFT SPOT - Monday Challenge #94 - 'Cute Critters 
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Easy~Peasy, Lemon~Squeezy

Bet you haven't heard that expression in a long time!
slang phrase (from an old British detergent commercial) used to express
something that was quickly and easily done.
Anyway, since I seem to be in a retro mood, retro is what you are getting today!  I opened up my Kanban 'So Macho' kit this morning (having a flick through the mountain of unused crafting items!) and came across this die-cut sheet...
Kanban die cut toppers - So Macho - A True Classic
'A True Classic'
... and thought, "hey ho... let's have a go".  This is what I came up with...
I remember my brother having one of these BMX bikes in the 1970's - it was exactly the same as this, even down to the colour... now I'm showing my age!

CARD BASE - kraft card blank (5 1/4" x 5 1/4")
1ST MAT - yellow Cricut cardstock (CS) (5 3\8" x 5 1/8") - punched using 'X-CUT' 'scallop'
2ND MAT - brown patterned paper 'HOT OFF THE PRESS' 'Red Velvet Artful Card Kit' (4 1/2" x 5 1/8") -  punched using 'X-CUT' 'scallop'
3RD MAT - red Cricut CS (3 3/8" x 5 1/8") -  punched using 'X-CUT' 'scallop' and embossed using 'CUTTLEBUG' and embossing folder 'coolio 1 of 4'
TOPPERS/SENTIMENT - 'Kanban' 'So Macho' die cut sheet 'A True Classic' - adhered using foam pads
INSIDE 1ST MAT - red Cricut CS (2" x 5 1/8")
INSIDE 2ND MAT - brown patterned paper 'HOT OFF THE PRESS' 'Red Velvet Artful Card Kit' (3 1/2" x 3 1/2")
INSIDE 3RD MAT - yellow Cricut CS (3 1/2" x 7/8")
INSIDE 4TH MAT - white CS (2 3/4" x 2 1/2") -  ALL inside mats are off-cuts from the front mats(being really frugal here!)
EMBELLISHMENTS - gems and brads - from stash
This second card was made using the same topped sheet...

This one couldn't be simpler! I used an A4 'Kanban' background paper (its called 'paper' but its cardstock really) called 'Parcel Paper', this had the bottom corners rounded and then it was scored and folded in half.  Three toppers were added to the front using foam pads, for extra 'pop', all of these were from the 'A True Classic' die cut sheet and the sentiment toppers was from my stash.  And that was it!
And I still have a load of toppers left from this sheet!  Good value or what?
BEARLY-MINE CHALLENGES - Ch. #81 - 'Anything Goes'
THROUGH THE CRAFTROOM DOOR - Ch. TTCRD April 9th - April 15th - 'Anything Goes'
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