Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hello April...

Well I've finally got around to posting... its been a busy few days.  Easter is now over, disco, bingo, scavenger hunt and egg hunt all being a great success, even if the weather did its utmost to put a spanner in the works!
Being part of the tourist industry, we rely heavily on good weather to draw in our customers... what can I say?  If its not snowing, the east wind is blowing up a gale!  It is bitterly cold here (rain we're used to... this cold?  We are not!). Needless to say some of our customers stayed away... tucked up warmly in there little houses instead of risking frost frozen caravans with no water ('cause it had frozen, and no amount of heating was gonna make it run again!).  Anyway we did have the 'die-hard' intrepides, who simply weren't prepared to miss out (water or no water), these wonderful people braved the cold, and helped children find eggs; managed to collect various obscure items on their scavenger list; danced the night away and shouted 'bingo' with the best of 'um!  Thank you one and all for keeping me in employment!
My son also had his 22nd birthday (celebrated by his sister and I going shopping  and lunching- WITHOUT HIM!), he didn't seem to mind though as I treated him to a take-away indian meal.  He said he'd rather stay home and tackle the giant Lindt bunny I bought him for his birthday present.
The Grand National was run yesterday (well done Auroras Encore! 66/1 winner), so the sweepstake needed to be organised (which I did NOT win).  Its my step-father's birthday, so later today we will be celebrated with a family meal out... can't wait, carvery here I come!
As you can read, I've not had a lot of time to craft (but I have managed to squeeze in the odd fix, here and there), I thought I'd just give you a quick up-date and post some pictures of the mini cards my daughter asked me to make, she wanted four cards (2 x boys, 2x girls) for the children who are leaving her care (nursery), to start school, here's what I came up with...

...with handmade envelopes!

...'BOYS WILL BE BOYS'  Cricut cartridge

...'ONCE UPON A PRICESS' Cricut cartridge

 ...'CREATE A CRITTER' Cricut cartridge

...'BOYS WILL BE BOYS' Cricut cartridge
I have some more things to show you, but they will have to wait until I have a little more time, I'm off to bed now... so nightie, night xxx
Blah... blah... blah...

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