Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ding Dong...

I watched Margaret Thatcher’s funeral today, not that I’m usually an avid viewer of the morbid or macabre, but this was an occasion to be remembered.  Whatever your view of this woman (and everyone has one), she did effect SERIOUS change in Britain.  Some will say for the good, some will say for the bad.  Me? I too, have a very strong opinion on this subject, which I will not share on my blog (this is my ‘happy place’).  I, will be passionate about my crafting here, not about politics (unless it is to occasionally take the mick!).
Baroness Thatcher, even in death is STILL causing major dissent throughout this country. Normal, upstanding citizens, who would not normally behave this way, seem to have lost all signs of moral decency and are actually booing as someone is wheeled passed during their funeral, it's not like she can hear them! Our country, it would seem is very strongly divided in its thinking concerning this once powerful leader (in some places the extreme of this is called ‘civil war’). Some believe she should be in line for sainthood, whereas others believe she is Satan’s handmaiden and is in all likelihood being reacquainted with HIM as we speak!
Whether you are crying buckets or singing ‘Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead’ please leave the serious politics somewhere else - not on craft websites (if only I had followed my own advise!). It is understandable to have objections to some of the Thatcher Policies especially if you were adversely effected by them (and lots were), and I personally would rather see the “ONLY” 10 million pounds that has been spent on a state funeral, spent elsewhere (my replacement hip, for instance or allowing me to have physio immediately rather then having to wait three months) but, strongly though I feel... HERE is not the place for my voice to be heard.  I noticed on a crafting Facebook page, that people are actually falling out over the Baroness... and she’s dead!  It all got very... “well, she said, so I said... and then I deleted her from my page (whatever)”. Seriously leave the politics in the real world and let’s all craft in peace [man] (I sound like I’ve just come from Woodstock, ha ha ha).  Usually craft sites are celebrating each others talent and creativity, Maggie, is putting a spanner in the works... yet again! I try hard to respect everyone’s opinion (as I would expect mine to be respected) but time and place people!  Perhaps I should start a campaign...
“NO POLITICS... IN CRAFTING”     or    “HOBBY DON’T LOBBY”     or     
So... even though I DID get a little political in the middle there (government spending/heath policy), I DO think we all should concentrate on crafting - on crafting sites.  Perhaps a little - "live and let live" wouldn't go a miss... that's more than the Baroness is doing now!
So I've had my say, let's craft...
CARD BASE - A6 white card blank - with scalloped edges from stash
MATS - 2 squares using 'CREATA' 'Design Blok 8'  (3" x 3")- corners rounded using a punch, adhered using foam pads
CRICUT CUT - 'CINDY LOO' cartridge p.50 <Flower2> (3 1/4") plus all relevent layering cuts
EMBELLISHMENTS - gems - from stash (pound shop purchase!)
SENTIMENT - "sorry" peel-off - from stash
ENVELOPE - lined using 'CREATA' 'Design Blok 8'

INSIDE - cream CS (3 1/4" x 3 1/4") and 'CREATA' 'Design Blok 8'  (1" x 1") - corners rounded plus a gem
A CARD A DAY Blogging - 'Wednesday'
LET'S CRAFT AND CREATE - Ch. #68 - 'Flowers'
Blah... blah... blah...


  1. Hi K, I'm glad you did get political as it means I can add my two pennyworth. I'm not shedding any tears for a leader that sold off the utilities you know those things like our electric and water nationalised company's in fact the things that used to help pay the pensions of the elderly. We now produce virtually zilch and what we do are foreign owned in fact as her former colleague Macmillan so rightly told her "Margaret you're selling the family silver" Of course she bashed the unions into submission giving her friends the wanker bankers freedom to help their greedy selves, but I must admit she had great principles like the illegal slaughter of hundreds of sailors when she sank the belgrano even though it had turned and was running away and was out of our legal defensive waters.

    1. I think you had more than your two pence-worth! And I do believe the 'family silver' went to the Thatcher household! I'm sure Beelzebub is happily welcoming home one of his own!

    2. Really super cards K and your artistic flair seems to know no bounds.
      Footnote to the Thatchers ,you probably don't know but her husband Dennis was one of a tradition of Thatchers who farmed at Uffington just up the road from stanford and guess what? Yep you got it right they're going to put one of those blue plaques up so I can throw darts at it.

    3. How very thoughtful of them, I hope your aim is good... you'll be getting an achery kit for Christmas, ok?

  2. Gorgeous card, love it. Thanks for sharing it with us over at LCC.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment and thanks for the challenge the DT have done some lovely
      projects :-)

  3. What a remarkable card. Thank you for the inspiration! This card is stunning both inside AND out!

    ~Shawnie B.

    1. I DO love my cricut, it was just one little image to cut with two layers. It's amazing want inspires you, especially when you find a really nice paper! Thanks for the comment, I see you've been pretty busily creative yourself :-)

  4. Lovely card (note to self: use the cricut more - very neglected) x

    1. Thanks for the comment... it's always nice to have some feedback (note to self: comment more) x


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