Monday, 15 April 2013

It Is Not Swell!

I am still unwell.  In the head.  Well, specifically unwell in the sinuses. Because my sinuses are swelling. Swelling and welling. With what, I cannot, in all good taste, say.  But it's not good!  Oh, no, the swelling and welling is not swell.  So,   I   am   not   well.

Apparently, when I am sick I get poetic and feel compelled to channel Dr. Seuss!

I am suffering from an ‘upper respiratory tract infection’ (I know this,  because I have just spent two hours pouring over a medical dictionary). This is a fancy way of saying that I have a ‘cold’. I KNOW I have already told you that, but I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself and so saying that I have a cold’ does not really give you the full image of the depth of my suffering... so I prefer ‘upper  respiratory tract infection’.

I might even add an "itis" to it.  How about rhinopharyngitis? With an occasional roughness to my usually delicately-tuned vocal cords, we could even venture to laryngitis. Or pharyngitis or even sinusitis.
This continued attack of illness is incredibly inconvenient at the moment as the sun has decided to shine and the wind has dropped to a degree that will no longer effect poor little monkey’s nether regions! Meaning I SHOULD be out in the gardens... weeding or finding paintbrushes and opening tins of paint! But I am not, so instead I’ll just have to stick to answering the telephones and giving the caller my sultry,   sexy rendition of either a deep-voiced telephone call-girl or a man!  The only images my current dulcet tones are likely to conjure are ones of sweaty wrestlers or butch lumberjacks! So not only do I feel and look like a creature ‘from the black lagoon’ but I also sound like one as well... woe is me!

Do you hear those violins playing in the background for me?  ;-)

I was planning on discussing something deep and meaningful today.  But I am constitutionally incapable of doing so at this time. Probably because my skull is full of stuff that is not grey matter (or is it gray matter?), or what’s the matter... you hey, gotta no respect
¯Oh dear, it’s getting worse, my ‘upper respiratory tract infection’ is beginning to effect my green matter...
I DID manage a card for LITTLE SCRAP PIECES Fun Friday Challenge 'May Flowers'.  Whoop, whoop...


I used a kraft square card blank for this and added two patterned papers, the bottom one is from a paper stack called 'FOREVER FRIENDS' called 'Kraft Notes' and the top one is from  'CREATA' 'Design Blok 9'.  The topper is from a 'Hundydory' kit and the frame is a Cricut cut from the 'ELEGANT EDGES' cartridge p.56 'oblong frame' creative feature <Bird3>.  I have used yellow ribbon from my stash and a gold peel-off.  The flowers are from 'CREATE AND CRAFT' shopping channel and have a pearl added to the their centres.
The inside is decorated using up any scraps of paper and another flower with a pearl.

Blah... blah... blah...



  1. Very pretty! Nice papers! Hope you are feeling better! Thanks for joining us over at Little Scrap Pieces! DT Member Carri~Abusybee

    1. Hi Carri, thanks for taking the time to comment, it is much appreciated. I see you've got quite a few Cricut cartridges, I'd really like to know which would be your top 5?

  2. Pretty card Karen. Love that you added a Cricut frame too... But then I am a Cricut addict! Thanks for joining us at LSP. Hope you feel better soon,very windy here today!!
    Jayne x

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Jayne, there's so much amazing inspiration at LSP, thanks to the wonderful DT :-)

  3. Hope you are feeling pretty. Thanks so much for joining the lsp challenge. Karen

    1. I'm fine, now. Thanks for asking, you know how it is... blog = place to moan! Thanks for the challenge and the inspiration :-)


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