Thursday, 5 December 2013

Late Cards...

I suddenly realised this morning that... Christmas is approaching rather rapidly.  It seems that one minute you have FOREVER and the next its panic stations.  All of a sudden you realise that you've got to find out when the last posting day is for second class stamps; you've not sent a card to that really annoying person who just had to be the first person to send to you; you'd better get on with the wrapping (which reminds me I must buy some wrapping paper);  you still don't know where to get a certain present (in my case, its 'mesh bottom sheep hurdles'); you've got to visit an even bigger supermarket, because your local one REFUSES to get in the cherry filling Christmas pudding you want... and, it seems, a million other things to do, which if you were more organised you'd already would have done!
My mother, bless her, has finished her present shopping (and wrapped it) and has already started on next years (I kid you not!).
So in my last post I showed you my Christmas cards, but guess what, yep... I'd missed out the darts team and their families and a few others!  So into my craft room I go... in full panic mode, because I really do have lots to do today.  So out came the trusty HUNKYDORY supplies so I could whip up a few last minute cards!  Busy, busy... so I forgot to photo them.  'Super Efficiency' here, had them made, signed, encased in a envelope, addressed and stamped before I'd even thought to get out my camera!  I remembered as I was waiting for glitter to dry and so took a quick pic of the last two I made!
Sorry about the camera glare, but to be quite frank, you were lucky to get a photo at all!  Silly me!
The one on the left is going to my ex-husband and his new family (I don't hold grudges... or rather 'time is a great healer'), the one on the right is going to my god-daughter, I'd show you the others if I could... but I can't, sorry.
Have a super-doper evening :-)
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