Saturday, 12 July 2014

Gangsta Girls

Hi y'all...
So this is my ninth layout with my June SCRAPTASTIC KIT (and a card, also made from the kit), I am trying my hardest to kill this kit as my July kit has just been delivered by my over-worked postman (gotta love that guy!)...
Still loving the 'card-in-a-box' style


My daughter and her friend messing about with the camera, this was taken in 2007, it would now be called a 'selfie'!

I haven't shown you any of my PROJECT LIFE lately, I really will get around to posting some more of my pocket pages... apologies.  I've been pretty busy lately and oddly enough the busier I am the less there is to go into my project life!  I think this is because I still haven't gotten into the habit of whipping out my camera (or phone) at the drop of a hat!  Especially when everyone makes that groaning noise when I point and click!
I've also (at last) been having various medical tests to determine the cause of my lack of mobility.  I've gotta say the 'lumbar puncture' was NOTHING compared to the 'nerve conduction studies'!  Having needles stuck in you (especially through your chin and tongue) is NOT my idea of fun, especially when you are then jolted with electricity!  At least with the lumbar puncture you were given some anaesthetic!!!  Still no good moaning it... it's now in the past! 
I shall definitely post some pictures of my pocket pages ASAP.  Happy crafting :-)
Blah... blah... blah...

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