Tuesday, 20 January 2015

So Sorry, Life Got In The Way!

How time flies (as the monkey said when he threw the clock), so so very sorry I haven't been around, but life... happen upon me!
I will not bore you with my woes, 'cause we all have them.  I will say though, THAT I'M BAACCCKKK!

I have recently been diagnosed with the progressive form of multiple sclerosis, so... whilst I am still able, I am going to continue to craft and, hopefully be a better blogger!

So... I'm finding that the type of crafting I'm coping with best, is PROJECT LIFE, so my posts will 'probably' be mostly PL from now on.  So here's to the catch-up...

WEEK 29...
WEEK 30...
(using a mixture of kits) 
WEEK 31...
(using a mixture of kits)
After a year of doing PL, I'm still LOVIN' IT.  I've tried to mix things up, and try different ways of doing it (weekly review? one page layouts? two page layouts? inserts? mixed core kits?), but because its so versatile whatever you eventually settle on (or if you continue to 'mix-it-up')... WORKS!  It's such a great way to preserve all those precious memories, without having a crate load of photos stash in the attic (with no dates on the back!).
2014 took up 3 (I kid you not) 12 x 12 albums.  I did, however, do a 'December Daily' which obviously took up quite a bit of space.  For 2015, I think I will be more relaxed about only having one page layouts.  If its a quiet week, so be it... PL will reflect just that. If there's an event happening within the week, I will probably continue to use an 'insert' for that.
I will probably continue with my 'catch-up' PL weeks for a while, but it's nice to be back.
Blah... Blah... Blah...

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