Friday, 27 June 2014


My brother was invited to a wedding, being divorce and happily unattached he decided to invite Annabelle as his 'PLUS-ONE'... his (eight year old) daughter.
The wedding was beautiful (I didn't actually experience it first hand... I got the short straw and was asked to look after my nephew for the day.  My straw wasn't all that short though, because we managed to have a lovely day!)
Anyway, back to the wedding.  Daimon and Emma got married in their local church, in the late afternoon and held a small reception by the river.  The food (according to my brother) was a 5-course extravaganza with champagne and bucks fizz, there was just a small band playing background music and as soon as the sun had set... a barge floated passed on the river and released hundreds of fireworks!  As Annabelle was about to leave, she went to the bride (making her day) and told her that the day had been "MAGICAL".  Annabelle's first wedding was a resounding success, creating beautiful memories for her to cherish.  Naturally, I had to make a layout to preserve this lovely memory... luckily I'd managed to take a photograph of my brother and niece before they departed for their day out.

I'm loving the colours and patterned papers in this June 2014 SCRAPTASTIC kit 'Best Day Of My Life', but I am finding it fairly hard to get them to be as cohesive as I'd like!  And although I 'm quite please with how this turned out, I had to spend ALOT of time trying to decide what would work with what!  Challenging!
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