Sunday, 22 June 2014


I'm afraid I'm a little stuck on buying things at the moment (and I really don't need anything!)... been there, done that?  I'm supposed to be on a 'spending freeze', hah... its not going so well! Is crafting an addition?  'Cause I have a problem!
My brain is saying "you don't need that", my inner crafting devil is saying "ooohh, I need that".  My bank account is in the red and my inner crafting devil's answer? "Isn't that pretty".  What can I say? I have never been the most disciplined of people, but I MUST stop buying all the latest papers, no really I must.  I came across this 12 step program to help... let's hope it does!

The Scrapbooker’s 12 Step Program!

by Nicole Humphrey

1.    When leaving home, always vow that you won’t end up at a local scrapbook store or other craft store. Repeat these words, “I have too many supplies, and I will not buy anymore. I have to use what I have. Unless of course, there is a great sale and a new product I just have to try!”

2.    Rearrange all your scrapbook supplies in your area so that there is no room to put anymore stuff in without having to buy new organization.

3.    Always wear clothes with pockets when leaving home in case you should end up at a local scrapbook store or other craft store – this is so that you’ll always have a place to keep your hands at all times – this ensures that you will not handle the pretty papers and play with all the fun tools. Might want to keep a washcloth in there too, to wipe up any drool that accumulates from your wishful thinking.

4.    Never, ever, ever, obey the request of a sales lady to “Feel free to try out the different scrapbook tools!” Crops can be bad too. That’s where some of my greatest, UNUSED tools stemmed from!

5.    Never make eye contact with a sales lady. Never look directly at the papers.

6.    Always take your spouse or a friend with you if you can’t resist going to a local scrapbook store or craft outlet, they can remind you that you don’t need anymore supplies!!

7.    Never pick up or subscribe to a scrapbook trade magazine. This can be hazardous to your health, and the health of your family. They may look innocent, but the magazines are full of the newest supplies and they WILL call out to you! Before you know it, you will have all those products sitting there collecting dust!

8.    Do not look at all your supplies before leaving the house as they will remind you that you don’t have the latest and greatest trendy stuff!

9.    Don’t dress poorly in hopes that store owners won’t trust your check or credit card, Scrapbooker’s are typically honest people and it won’t work! Many of us just don’t dress that great every time we leave the house because we are mothers, wives and busy all the time! This is not a good method!

10.  Do not rely on prayer alone to help as, God loves memories too. After all, He is the creator of many!

11.  Promise yourself that you will look at every patterned paper before buying any. This may slow you down a bit. And make the decision a little harder!

12.  Never, ever touch a computer and especially not one that connects to the Internet! There are all kinds of scrapbooking websites and online stores in there just waiting for you.

I'd like to share my latest scrapbook page with you... its made using the June 2014 SCRAPTASTIC kit and features my niece and nephew at their Tae Kwon Do grading.  They are only eight and five, but they have both benefitted enormously from this hobby?/sport?/discipline?...

Happy buying Crafting!
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