Sunday, 1 September 2013

Burnt Toast and Gumdrops...

I burnt my toast this morning... perhaps you don't think this is news-worthy, but I beg to differ!  The smell!  For an extraordinarily amount of time after the burnt toast incident, the acrid smell is STILL lingering!  And worse...
Because I live in a flat, and because I'm careless enough to leave my doors open... that awful smell is now permeated into every corner of my dwelling.  I know when I go to bed tonight that smell will be there.  I once heard that if you leave a dish of vinegar out, it will take away the smell... it doesn't!  I would know this -  through the various failed attempts that I have done to rectify this problem in the past.  I have even left my 'usually' wonderful aromatic candles burning for the past 5 hours, and it still smells of burnt toast in here!
Any tips on getting rid of the smell of burnt toast will be gratefully received, and yes, I know, DON'T BURN THE TOAST IN THE FIRST PLACE, that doesn't help and your superior attitude is rather annoying!  I didn't MEAN to burn the toast but... yes you've guessed it... I was crafting!
I was trying to cut vellum with my Cricut!  I assumed that because it is fairly delicate it would require little blade pressure... how wrong I was.  Eventually, and several slices of bread  later (yes bread not vellum... the toast, remember), I managed to cut the vellum out with my ordinary card stock settings, who knew?
I made this with the Cricut 'JUST BEACAUSE CARDS' cartridge and... there's the vellum!

HIDING IN MY CRAFTROOM - #113 - 'Freestyle'
PUMPKIN SPICE - #35 - 'Anything Goes'
CREATIVE CORNER - 'Child's Play'
Bah... blah... blah...

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