Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Mother’s Place?
always in the wrong!
All those mothers out there know what I mean!
Anyway... I am at present lying in bed, typing away... lazy or what? (Well it was a rather late night/early morning!).  I cannot believe how lazy I’m being, but my lovely daughter bought me in a cup of tea (bribery... she wanted to eat the last cupcake, which incidentally was MINE!), she woke the cat up, who happened to be laying on me, who promptly clawed me in shock (ungrateful little bugger! But like all cats he believes he is the king of this particular castle and we are merely here to pamper to his ever need!).  I did say last night (earlier this morning) that I would share some things with you, so here they are...
The first is a joy fold card (finally understand what that is!).  I used my Hunkydory kit, and did alot of ‘matting and layering’ and I (unlazyfied myself) inked all the edges (I used the wrong ink pad on the first mat, so had to keep going with the rest) - I think it turned out ok!
The next two I used part of a ‘Kanban’ kit in a ‘stepper’ card...

Two VERY different looks from one kit, I seem to have a bit of a ‘black’ thing going on! Did you notice my latest acquisition? My Martha (yes, I’m taking over the world) Stewart ‘Drippy Goo’ border punch, believe it or not I had to send away to America to get that! Come on Britain, keep up or at least catch up!
Right I’ve gotta get my lazy back-side out of bed and do some work (no, no, no stay out of the craftroom!).  I’m a cleaner today, as well as a secretary, so clean the clubhouse, then get that filing done, oh and I must remember to ring the electrician... etc. But first ‘the boy’ (my son) has rung me, “can I give him a lift” so I’m a taxi driver first, then I’ll get on... no, no, no do not stop for breakfast and tea!
Blah... blah... blah...

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