Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Font-ly Challenged!

I'm still having trouble blogging... I suppose I SHOULD look at it as a challenge, and be really pleased when I finally figure it out... BUT, to be quite frank I finding it a pain in the neck!
I want to use a certain font for my posts (I'm sure that's not TOO much to ask!).  I know my blog's been looking a bit higgledy-piggledy lately with all the different fonts - but I've finally decided which one I want to use (sorry about the indecision, and I hope the size doesn't upset anyone... but if I have it a bit bigger then I don't have to wear my glasses!).  Up until now I've been typing up my blog in 'word' then copy and pasteing it.  Blogger only shows me a couple of fonts (that I don't want to use), so how DO I get the font I want to use? It's a bit of a nuisance and... I'm not getting any younger you know!  I HATE wasting my time (sure a precious commodity).
Hopefully I've done this right... from my blog I clicked 'design' in the top right corner.  From there I clicked on 'customise' and then 'advanced'.  I then found 'page text' and chose my font - size and colour, lastly I clicked 'apply to blog'.  I DO hope this may help anyone else out there who's as ignorant as me!
Right here goes... as I type up my post (using Blogger not word) it is showing up in an undesired font, I'm hoping that when I post it, it will be in the correct font... fingers crossed!
I'm sure seasoned bloggers are looking at this and thinking "what an idiot" but I'm on a learning curve here, and we've all gotta learn somehow - my method it 'trial and error'!  But I do apologise if this is excruciatingly boring!
When I previewed this post it DID show up with the correct font... so hear goes nothing...
Blah... blah... blah...

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