Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Comments... please!

I've only been blogging for a very (VERY) short while, and so far apart from a few (... well many) hiccups along the way, I have to say I'm really enjoying it.
It doesn't actually matter if no-one is looking at my scribbles and ramblings, but you know what? some people actually are taking note!
This blogging business has made me realise one thing though... and that is... that we all like to be acknowledged.  Whether its someone saying 'well done' or 'thanks for being there' or even 'saw your post today', so I'm making a conscious effort to leave comments on other bloggers blogs, especially if they really HAVE inspired me in some way, 'cause you know what? I still get a little tingle whenever someone takes the effort to put a comment on my blog and I'm sure some other bloggers feel the same way.  So come on crafters, go that extra mile and place a comment on someones blog and if they've done something you really like - tell 'em so!
I pick up a 6x6 'Mini Deck' by Cosmo Cricket called 'Social Club', the other day... it was on sale so I got a bargain, but I just thought the papers were really pretty (especially the one called 'Blue Eyes', it looks a bit like a peacock!), here it is... what do you think? what would you make? If you've made something, leave a comment and a link so I can see YOUR great creations!
Thanks for looking, don't forget to comment...
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