Thursday, 24 September 2015

Process? What Process?

I wonder what thought processes are followed when deciding what pictures to scrap or indeed what papers/colours/embellies to use OR if you even think about it at all!
I don't!  Well obviously there is a thought process... but I really don't think about it too much... does this make me a bad scrapper?  Is there such a thing as 'a bad scrapper'?  Do I care?
I really don't think so... in this day and age where EVERYTHING has to be explained ~ must there be a rhyme and reason or can we just follow our hearts and record the memories without having to follow any rules ~ I certainly hope so... because me? I just wanna enjoy the 'process' and have a record of what we've been doing!  I want to enjoy a craft whether I follow a 'visual triangle' or 'a rule of thirds', for me rules? Nope!
So stop over-thinking (something I've been guilty of more than once) and just SCRAP, otherwise it becomes a chore, and we may stop doing it all together!
My process is as simple as ~ I've got a kit, next month I'll have another kit, so... I'm going to finish this kit before my next one arrives!  Oh I try to match the colours within my photographs to the present selection of papers, or a theme (e.g. birthdays) to a particular paper, but further than that... just confuses me and then ~ when confused ~ I just put it all away again.
My present dilemma is that due to time/health constraints I have two kits on the go!  This I find, instead of opening possibilities, actually limits me ~ yes, I get confused, I get flustered because I have too much choice!  I am obviously NOT a natural scrapper LOL.  But I am also a bit of a 'tight-wad' and can't bare to send last months kit to the corner where it will be forgotten... however, this months kit has all the 'latest and greatest', so how am I to ignore it???  I can't!!!  Which is why I'm going to try to run the two kit along side each other and get lots scrapped... that's the plan anyway.
Lets see how it goes...
I am a TOTAL fan of my present kit club subscription ~ LIKE FOR EVER ~ it is owned and run by
Nicola Mardlin, anyone who has had anything to do with #likeforever will know that this lady goes above and beyond to provide and excellent service which is both super efficient and great fun!  Well done Nicola.  Its the little extras that make this club ~ the welcome gift; the personal service; the free lollies (what can I say?  I have a sweet tooth!); the discount on other goodies from the shop and Nicola's kind word and rapid responses to all things #likeforever and scrapping in general. 
Now back to the scrapping...
I've used August's kit ~ OH SO LOVELY for this layout (Crate Paper ~ WONDER Collection).  My mother and I visit my brother and his children regularly (even though they are in England and we live in Wales), we always attend the various birthdays, on this occasion it was my niece's birthday.  Off we go with my other niece in tow (its always nice for cousins to get together), where we had a lovely celebration.  We were staying at the local Premier Inn and so we arranged to meet everyone for breakfast the following morning (before the children had to get to school).  This photo is of my nephew just after breakfast before the inevitable rounds of hugs and good-bye cuddles start, as we say "ta ta for now, see you soon".
I've only used the Oh So Lovely kit for this layout, with the exception of a mint doily (found lurking under a pile of stuff on my desk) and some Heidi Swapp gold colour shine for some creative splatters.

I love that little heart paperclip that came in the kit!

So many lovely ephemera pieces

I hope those animal masks don't look too creepy!

I've just noticed that I do actually have a 'visual triangle' going on with the yellow felt hearts, but that was more by luck than design... perhaps I'm not as bad as I thought!!!
Happy Scrapping ~ may all your splatters miss your photographs!
Blah... blah... blah...


  1. Hi Karen, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed reading your post. I don't think I follow any scrappy rules either lol! I really love your layout and the way you have used the die cuts!
    Hugs Lynsey x

  2. Well Karen what a fun and informative blog post! Love how you try to explain your thought process for scrapping, I have no order to what I scrap. I use whichever photo's take my fancy at the time and I haven't 'killed' any of my LFE kits (I'm on my 3rd) but I hope to utilise all the contents at some point! Thanks for visiting my blog and I am now following you because we were all newbie bloggers once and the support keeps us going. xx

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  4. I hope this doesn't publish twice (please delete if it does!) I've got a feeling it didn't work the first time! But great post Karen. I know what you mean about feeling the need to explain. I think especially if I'm going to blog about a layout I can't just put, I stuck it there because I like it lol. I feel like I need to explain something about balance or colour on the page lol


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