Thursday, 22 October 2015


So what has today bought me?
My super-duper new LIKE FOR EVER kit (so excited!) for one, apart from that... not a lot!  Oh I did have my flu jab, a nice young man gave me a little prick and it was all over in about 45 seconds (sound familiar?), sorry I just had a little <<nudge, nudge ~ wink, wink>> moment there LOL!!!
Before I delve into my new kit, I'll share today's layout with you.  This photograph is of me as a baby (ahhh), a VERY long time ago (ARHHH)! 

The photo has sat in an uninspiring frame with no glass... forever, my mother obviously didn't cherish this particular memory, and didn't mind how much crap it got coated in over the years... it's funny how all my  brother's pictures are literally framed in 24ct gold (with protective toughened glass) and are only allowed to be handled by someone wearing pristine white gloves, whilst mine are left to rot (well, I suppose he was her 'first born' and a boy, AND he was premature, I didn't stand much of chance, did I?  Needless to say... I am not the favourite!  And then just as he's leaving home and I'm - at last - about to have some attention, my prolific mother has another baby!  A girl!!! - Scuppered again), anyway for the past 50 years my baby pic has floated around mainly being ignored, getting dirtier and before it fades away completely, I decide to scrap it scrapbook it ... at least it will be in a plastic protector from now on and cherished by me!

I decided to use my LIKE FOR EVER September kit for this one, its called 'Acorn Avenue' and contains mostly goodies from the Pink Paislee Cedar Lane Collection.  I used the 'b' side of the patterned paper called 'Green Space' for my background, I though the green ombre effect went well with my faded photograph. 

My journaling is done with a typewriter (a very old typewriter, which sticks on the letter 'i', sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!), I started along the top edge and then just carried on around the paper - meaning that the bottom is up-side-down!

That patterned paper I 'fussy cut' (Town Square) is still going strong!

Outlining gives a different effect

Some wood veneer butterflies and a few gems add to the overall creation

I only wanted a simple title and these black American Craft thickers ('Hardcover') are perfect

My journaling reads...
"Wasn't I a pretty baby?  I have learnt somethings over the past 50 years - some advice... laugh often  *  eat your greens  *  drink lots of water  *  life is unpredictable, enjoy the surprises  *  like yourself  *  be brave  *  FAMILY is everything  *  be kind  *  don't complain  *  be grateful  *  do your best  *  love always"

Up-side-down LOL

Still up-side down...

...and more
Happy crafting y'all, may all your journaling be spelt correctly...
Apparently there are two equally correct past tense forms for the word 'spell' (who knew, right? or cared!).  In Britain we tend to use 'spelt' whereas in America they usually use the spelling 'spelled'... and this piece of nonsense was bought to you by... Karen (your grammar freak) x
Coming soon...
October's kit unboxing
Blah... blah... blah...


  1. Hey Karen we were born in the same year! I love your ramblings they make me smile so much! Your baby self and this page are certainly cute and girly but I just love your typed border! I might just have to steal that one, I have an old typewriter in my craft club cupboard and everyone there will be impressed by my idea!!!!! (I might own up to it not being mine!).

    1. No, no, no don't admit to scraplifting... EVER (well, unless you have to)! I didn't! I'm glad my ramblings are providing some amusement ~ I find 'em funny, but I'm usually the only one! Thanks for the comment ~ Happy Crafting x

  2. Hi Karen, I have provided the link to Papermaze where I bought the cat PL cards from. Hope it's helpful.
    Have a great weekend. xx

    1. Cheers for the link... my brother just rang me ~ he says he doesn't appreciate my sarcastic blog post! Who's being sarcastic? Funny how 'The Favourite' never think they are, isn't it? Enjoy your weekend x


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