Monday, 5 October 2015

Drama And Child Labour!

Friday saw me back at the 'Beach House', in Fishguard...

 Looking back towards the harbour ~ it really is a stunning view mother and I arrived there after a rotten morning, which involved me picking my mum up from town (she always has her hair done on a Friday morning, and yes... I'm still a taxi service).  She'd called into me briefly first thing in the morning (we live next door to each other) and requested a pick up, being half asleep at the time I mumbled a "yes, of course", she answered "pick me up at one" and off she when.  At 11 O'clock I set off for town.. I wanted to go to the bank and I suspected my mum would be finished at the hairdressers earlier than she'd anticipated.  I parked outside the hairdressers, got my scooter out and headed for the bank.  Whilst in there... my mum sneaked passed me and set off for the local church café to wait for me.  I, in the meantime headed back to the car to wait for her!  Two hours later... I've got half the town looking for her and refuse to leave the car thinking she'll turn up ANY MINUTE NOW.  And she's still in the café, thinking I've abandoned her and panicking about how to contact someone (she's got a mobile, but it's NEVER charged!). When we finally get together ~ after the initial relief, we're both trying VERY hard not to blame the other, and each competing about who had it worse!
NOTE TO SELF~ make proper arrangements! 
I swear my life is one drama after another!
At least I managed to get mum to her eye test on time.  And I even managed to crack open my stash of craft goodies (I remembered to take some stuff with me this time) to do a layout with the August LIKE FOR EVER kit, 'Oh So Lovely'.
I'm a little behind with my kits!  The kit is comprised (mostly) of the Crate Paper 'Wonder' collection which is full of happy icons, sweet embellishments and adorable papers.
My photo is of my niece and nephew on holiday at the 'Beach House' entertaining themselves by polishing the car ~ something I bet they won't be quite so enthusiastic about when they have cars of their own!

I hate my hand writing... but so what!

Now I really must catch up with my Project Life Album...
Blah... blah... blah...


  1. It's not just when they get their own car Karen it's when they turn into teenagers that they have no desire to clean anyone's car! Super cute photo's to go with the super cute Oh So Lovely Kit. I'm sure your mum appreciates all that you do for her, you are a wonderful (and patient) daughter. xx

    1. What kind words, Kerry. I'm afraid my blog has given you the wrong impression of me. I'm not patient, although I pretend to be! I, like countless others... LOVE my mum, and again probably like countless others... she frustrates and infuriates me. But by some unspoken rule of life (one my own children are well aware of) I love being there for her! As for those two scally-wags (what a lovely combination of words, those are) ~ I have no doubt they will turn into 'Mr Hyde' as soon as the hormones start to flow! My own two 'Dr. Jekylls' were made even worse with the discovery of alcohol! Thanks for taking the time to comment... you make blogging so much more enjoyable x


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