Wednesday, 21 October 2015

From This Day Forward...

My layout today is of my ex-mother and father-in-law on their wedding day. 
Why am I scrapping passed relationships?
Because although we are no longer related (legally) I still get on great with these two lovely people ~ it's not their fault, their son couldn't stay faithful or that I didn't see my marriage falling apart ~ we still communicate, say hello, even have the occasional cup of tea together and a chat, they are after all wonderful grandparents to my two children, always have been and always will be.
So, although the relationship of daughter-in-law is no longer there and we have a different relationship now, we do have respect (on both sides), and a never ending love for our shared family.  Hopefully my children (maybe, even grandchildren some day, if we are blessed... please God not yet!) will be able to look back through my scrapbook albums and see all the relationships we have shared.
I am NOT a bitter divorcee after all and although I am not happy to have failed at marriage, I always prided myself that faithfulness was the one non-negotiable aspect of wedded bliss and I'm glad I stuck to this principle.  Even in the beginning (of the end), my children came first and although I would have cheerfully castrated the man at the time ~ my children only ever saw us getting on.  Had they seen inside my mind, as I carefully sharpened my imaginary, very rusty knife, would they have realised that the pleasantness and smiling was only for their benefit!  But time heals (yes, it really does, sometimes you triumph, sometimes you lose), and so thirteen years after the event I can honestly say...
I LOVE being single!  I have known love!  I laugh OFTEN!  and I LIKE myself, I really do.
My dark place no longer matters - you know that place? That dark place inside your own mind, the place filled with doubt, self-loathing, uncertainty, low self-esteem and minimal confidence.  When I look at myself (especially when I've done something embarrassing or stupid) I now laugh it off (easily) and LIKE MYSELF.  I like the person I am... I like that I have empathy for others, I like that I'm (nearly) always happy, I like that my children have grown into fabulous people, I like so many things about myself that the dark place, that's filled with all the negative, is no longer heard and I can just... LIKE MYSELF!
I could write a book about all the negative I have been through, as I'm sure most of us (who are over 50 and have experienced some of the world) can.  I have experienced marriage, births, deaths, divorce, murder, legal battles, miscarriage, cot death, disability, house moves, step families, children... to name but a few, but through it all I have SO much to be grateful for... I have never been made homeless (come close), I have never gone hungry and I have always had a wonderful and supportive family that I KNOW will always be there for me (no matter what).  Family means EVERYTHING!  So...
Back to the crafting...
Layout #3 using the September LIKE FOR EVER kit, 'Acorn Avenue', featuring my ex-in-laws' wedding day (over 50 years ago! That's what happens when you stay faithful!), 'From This Day Forward'...

I'm very pleased with how this turned out and I'm really loving this collection from Pink Paislee (Cedar Lane), the colours are so 'right'.
The purple splatters are a little bit too dark and I should of put another piece of purple doily near the bottom of the photo, but... never mind, too late now!
Oh and my next kit is NOT here (as I mistakenly reported yesterday), my (not) so nice postman delivered a pizza shaped box to someone else!
... me as a baby!
Blah... blah... blah...


  1. another great layout, i love your openness and can relate to so many things and i think being able to talk about it is a great thing. much love and admiration xx

  2. Goodness Karen you have been through the mill but well done for coming through the other side a stronger you!
    Adorable layout and the papers do seem perfect for the photo! Look forward to seeing baby you! xx


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