Wednesday, 18 November 2015


As I sit here, typing away, in-between watching the new Christmas adverts on TV.  I'm thinking... why would you (supposedly) spend 7 million pounds on one advertisement?  Seriously, these supermarkets have far too much money, far too much power and not enough freebie coupons!
My current pet hate is the tiny amount of money countless big well-known businesses are not paying in UK taxes.  We hear about how much profit they've made each year, but they are not so forthcoming about the tiny percentage they pay in tax on that profit.  No wonder they can spend so much on adverts!  If they have enough money to spend 7 million on one advert or can afford to scrap thousands of pounds worth of merchandise (just because it is 'old' stock ~ that's less than a year old by the way) then surely they should be putting back into the country they are getting all this profit from!  But no!  They are more likely to create a new highly paid job to someone who knows how to evade taxes than just cough it up!  As a consumer it is MY responsibility to protest this, by boycotting these disgusting tax-dodgers and flexing my consumer muscles, by withdrawing my hard earned cash from these rouge outlets!
How can I stand on my principles when the worst of these companies are... GOOGLE and AMAZON!  I mean my Christmas shopping would not get done if not for Amazon... I'm even on 'Prime' for goodness sake!  So much for my ethics!
And as for Google... does the internet even work without it?
I will do what I can, though... no more Tesco deliveries for me.  Definitely no more trips to Boots and everyone is going to get something from 'Lush' for Christmas this year (because they pay LOADS of tax on their profits)!
I've had my moan... so on with the crafting...

My photo today is from 2013 Halloween ~ my niece, Abbie, decided to dress-up as a cat ~ an 'Abbie-Cat'...

LIKE FOR EVER, August kit was used for this.  all from Crate Paper's Wonder Collection, the colours are lovely and that vellum with the gold triangles is beautiful

I love this little cardstock sticker


...more cats

These thickers are fab ~ 'Gold Charm' they are gold and corrugated for additional texture

and to finish a few stickers
Blah... blah... blah...

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