Monday, 16 November 2015

White Space...

Did you think it was... space that was white?
In scrapbooking (apparently) you'd be wrong!
I have said in previous posts ~ I just 'get on with it', that I try not to 'over-think' the process of scrapbooking, I just want to record the memory and use some pretty 'stuff' to do it, otherwise I get bogged down with the right/wrong ways of design and then just abandon it altogether... however...
I recently came across an article about 'white space' and found it, not only interesting, but informative as well... so I thought you all should know...
White Space can be any colour! Who knew? Right?
I have no idea how I actually came across this crazy way of thinking (probably trawling the internet!), but here it is [here], check it out... its good.
Simple 'space' can be predictably symmetrical or unpredictably asymmetrical! Uh? What? Over-thinking, much?  But it does make sense, even if it does go again my 'stick it and hope' philosophy!
I'm off to have a go at layout #2, if I can find three photos about the same thing...
Bye for now   ~   Happy Crafting x
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  1. I love white space :D
    Number two in the article is my favourite, can't wait to see your take

    1. Hello Laura... how's it hanging? Thanks for taking the time to comment... I'll be popping over to all the LFE blogs later to see the awesomeness and leave a little love. Have a go at Layout #2 yourself and we can compare! I haven't started yet (since I'm still in bed being a lazy ass), but hopefully before all the natural light goes, I'll be up and about! Happy Crafting x


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