Monday, 16 November 2015

Home Time

If we are very lucky in life, our children will actually turn out OK... no matter how many times we, as parents, manage to cock up ~ they will manage to get through it and grow up to have only minimal hang ups, they will (hopefully) not be too traumatised by their parents stealing the occasional kiss (despite the gagging noises sons and daughters seems to have been born able to do!). I'm VERY lucky with my two off-spring.  My son is willing to overlook my obvious deficiencies and be kind to his dear old mum, whilst my daughter works and lives away and so, has more understanding of how the world actually works and misses having someone to pay the bills!

Can we ever, truly be friends with our kids?  I think not... and that's not just because I want to be the boss of everyone!  I could never be anything but 'mum' (or as they were wont to say "ahh mum!!!"), I expected to be the one in charge... it wasn't a democracy in our house but more of a dictatorship!  And of course as my delightful, well behaved children entered teenhood I managed to cross the invisible line of 'fuddiness' by uttering the immortal words (and there's really no going back from this) "in my younger day" ~ and once said, that's it, game over... you have just labelled yourself 'old' and have turned into your parents.  It will bring back memories from your own childhood, remembering how annoying your parents were, for never understanding you, but it will not make you more understanding of your current situation and the stranger in front of you! I guarantee the first time you say it (and there will be many more times), you only realise after the word have left your mouth, what you have said because you will, by this point, be frustrated and ready to be classed as 'old' because at that precise moment you really won't understand the person who is now inhabiting your child's body. 

By way of revenge, I used to really annoy my kids by being the 'cool' mum to all their friends ~ they always found it SO irritating, I had them over a barrel, they couldn't say anything horrible because it would make them look bad ~ mwahhhh!

Since I'm talking about my kids I think I'll show you my seventh layout made with my LIKE FOR EVER August kit ('Oh So Lovely' consisting of the Crate Paper 'Wonder' collection ) I'll get around to showing you layout number six next time...  these photos tell the story of my son's love of school or not!  I never had any trouble getting my kids to school.  School was one of those non-negotiable rules (like seat belts)... you go, that's it! "Yeah, I know... life's not fair (get over it)!"  Anyway, back to my boy... he went, but by golly like the proverbial horse taken to water... no-one was gonna make him learn!  His favourite subject was detention!  The first photo shows his pre-school face (happy? NOT) and the second one shows his eagerness to get out of that blasted uniform (finally a smile)...

Very busy layout

wood veneer

yep, there's grumpy

I little bit of journaling (gosh, I hate my writing!)


Those 'Trinket' thickers are lovely even if they do take up loads of space!

I love being a mum... and even though they won't admit it, they love having me as their mum... I think!
May your inks never run dry!
Blah... blah... blah...

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