Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Beautiful Game... RUGBY!!!

I am obliged as the ex-wife of a Welshman; the mother of two 'Welshies' and the inhabitant of the rain soaked, sheep laden 'Land of my Fathers'... to love rugby and surprisingly... I do.  Seriously, what red-blooded woman doesn't want to see a bunch of beefy looking, muscle-bound hunks (just don't look at their ears), beating the crap out of each other ~ all in the name of sport!  When I compare it to football, the supposed 'beautiful game', I just don't see how anyone can like the theatrical play-acting and all those 'pratfalls' better than the skills of rugby.
Of course, being English (the lowest of the low in terms of rugby supporters, not only in Wales but the world over), I find it very difficult having the entire world against my team, but such is rugby... everyone hates the England Team, always have ~ always will (the rest of the world , "Are you really that insecure?"  Apparently... yes, you are!), but that's another debate.
Although in recent years rugby players, in general, have been getting a little out of hand (I blame the footballers influence), with too much hotel carousing; dwarf throwing (who knew there was such a thing!) and adultery, on the whole (probably because there is less money involved in rugby) rugby players don't display so much stupidity in their off-field behaviour.  Ummm, perhaps its all those Max Boyce/Tom Jones songs they listen to and although most of them don't remember the words to the Lord's Prayer, let alone a full song... 'Hymns and Arias' 'Green, Grass of Home' and 'Delilah' can be recited word for word by all Welsh players and supporters alike! 
The best match ever?  Goes to the Barbarians (with a nickname like the 'Baa Baa's' how could I not appreciate them) against the All Blacks (New Zealand to the ignorant) in 1973 at Cardiff Arms Park.  This, most exhilarating match was a display of unparalleled skill with the amazing dexterity of Phil Bennett and his physics-bending sidesteps which were as mesmerising as Gareth Edwards' finishing prowess.  The entire 80 minute match was a display of 'offloading', 'dummying' and  body-swerving and was accompanied by the iconic commentary of Cliff Morgan and the operatic Arms Park crowd.  Apart from the Haka, which looked like a drunken rehearsal of camp Morris Dancers (thank goodness this aspect of Maori tradition, the infamous war cry,  has improved and become more authentic over the years!), everything was... 'the perfect game'.  Is it sad that I remember this game from the countless videos I've watched (thanks to my ex-husband's sporting obsession fascination and the fact that no-one knew what to buy him for Christmas)? Full version [here], just fancy a little peak? [here]
Football on the other hand... is just not my game.  I would have a serious problem sitting through 90 minutes of watching a ball being passed back and forward (another reason to like rugby... it only last for 80 minutes!).  In fact I DID have a problem when taking my son to his football matches when he was a boy (his father refused to take him... it wasn't rugby, after all) and having to stay there... needless to say I read a lot; cheered (hopefully) in the right places and was very. very glad when it was time to go.  I didn't even mind all the muddy boots (and smells) and sweaty football shirts if it meant it was 'home-time'!
My future son-in-law does not feel this way... and every week he can be seen strutting his stuff on the football pitch, yes... he plays!  Which is depicted in the photo on my layout...
I've used my LIKE FOR EVER September kit 'Acorn Avenue' for this and I've even managed some mixed media... woo hoo!
The border was made from 4 manufacturing strips (waste not~want not)
Thickers by American Crafts (Fitzgerald in peacock)
Puffy sticker and mixed media (modelling paste and a stencil from 'The Crafters' Workshop')

Doily and mixed media
Fox? no relevance whatsoever (artistic license!)

Glitter circles from last month's kit
Even after ten layouts this kit is still going... but I'm definitely going to be killing it soon! 
Happy Crafting
Blah... blah... blah...
R.I.P. JONAH LOMU (aged 40), a true sporting great

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