Sunday, 3 February 2013

National Pride and rugby grudges!

Whatever your nationality, national pride is always strongly felt.  Never more so than here in Wales (I'm not Welsh by the way, I'm English and proud), and Welsh national pride is never felt more than at (or watching) the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. 
I have lived in Wales now for nearly thirty years and have increasingly enjoy this wonderful sport (something I NEVER did in England).  I suppose the fact that we run a clubhouse and during the winter months there is nothing else much to do, might account for it! 
However, on 'rugby days' the fire is lit early, not just to ensue our local customers have a haven from the snow, wind and rain however, but, the hotter the club is (and with all the excitement - Wales might actually win this one), the more the locals will drink!  So anyway, the club is toastie warm; the beer is flowing; the wide-screen television is polished and at its loudest surround sound and we all know, win or lose there is cawl (welsh soup/stew) to follow.  The joking and banter is at its all time high and after the tear-jerking national anthems are sung the serious business of bitching at the ref can begin. 
You see after all this time in Wales I am now considered part of the community... but only as an adoptee! That is to say, they do not consider me English anymore, I am now honorary Welsh. You see, the Welsh have a little problem with England (yes, they do indeed).  I have studied some of Wales' history and acknowledge that there have been some unsavoury moments for the poor down-trodden Welsh people, due largely to their English neighbours, but lets be honest here, that was a very long time ago.  But not where rugby is concerned!  In fact where rugby is concerned every Englishman (only yesterday) raped and pillaged he way through the whole of Wales, inflicting pain and suffering on all!
During rugby matches all past English deeds seems to be remembered and it is ok for anyone to win as long as its not England.  Now being somewhat patriotic myself I have always found this a rather unsavoury aspect of the general Welsh character, until, that is that I discovered that it is not just the Welsh that feel this way, oh no, apparently the rest of the 'Six Nations' nations do as well!  Go figure?!%*?!!!
If you are interested there is a great (light-hearted) look at this phenomena at 'Paddy Power Blog', take a look, but remember (as I do)... its just a game (I've got to go and wash my mouth out with soap now!)
Just finished off the last of the cawl, yes for breakfast (mostly potatoes and juice) and then finished off a card I started yesterday.  I've been looking through past kits (you know the ones... you bought them but would rather look at them and stroke the beautiful cardstock than use it.  Oops, or is that just me? Crafting has turned me perverse!).  I have to say 'Hunkydory' do have some gorgeous colours and patterned cardstock.  After watching 'Create and Craft' TV (never a good thing when on a budget!) I decided to attempt a card Ms. Marden demonstrated, only using different colours and papers... and here it is

Happy Crafting Everyone...
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