Friday, 4 April 2014

Cricut American Alphabet VIII

'MY Cricut Cartridge Alphabet' this is number 8 (we are no longer in alphabetical order, as I've bought more cartridges since starting this series... AND I got confused!!!)

CRICUT AMERICAN ALPHABET' sometimes called simply 'CRICUT ALPHABET', only comes with the Cricut Expression 2 (pre-loaded), although this may change in the future. 
The creative features on this cartridge are... 'blackout/shadow', 'font 1', 'font 1 shadow', 'font 2', 'font 3', and 'font 3 shadow'. From this you might be forgiven for thinking this cartridge contains nothing but letters... you'd be wrong, there are, in fact, some lovely images on this cartridge.  Among them - hearts, shoes, flowers, a guitar, light bulb, rabbit, dog, swirls and cupcakes, I could go on, but I won't, there is even a cowboy boot, the range of images is as wide as it is eclectic. I suspect this is to allow new users to get as much of a taste of the Cricut range as possible.
My View... I think this is a great 'starter' cartridge, its got loads of simple cuts that encourage you to explore more.  There's a couple of things that I dislike about this cartridge, firstly the images are a bit 'swirly', that's fine if you want a whimsical look but not for the more serious creativity.  I'm sure this is deliberate on Cricut's behalf, to encourage you to buy more cartridges and therefore to push you in the direction of cartridge financial suicide!  The other thing that I dislike (although its more of a general complaint directed towards the booklets themselves), and that is the colours used in the booklet to demonstrate the various cuts, are exceptionally garish, I don't think  shows off the images to their best advantage.
My Verdict... If you buy the Cricut Expression 2 you will, undoubtedly be using the 'CRICUT AMERICAN ALPHABET', and since you have no choice (its just there), you might as well explore and enjoy it!
An example of MY usage is here.
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