Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mixed Blessings

Easter has bought mixed blessings this year.  The caravan park, has been heaving, I mean every time I looked around, one child had multiplied into five!   I don't think we have been as busy as this, in the last twenty odd (nearly thirty) years we've been open. 
We had an incredible 47 children to the Easter Egg Hunt (at one stage we even had a queue outside the clubhouse as they waited patiently to register their names), with an even more incredible 40+ people (I say people, because although it is for the children - inevitably all the adults get involved as well) for the Scavenger Hunt!  Quite, quite amazing, it is so wonderful to know you are doing 'something' right, and that all your efforts are appreciated!
So in trooped the little kiddie-winks (some not so little!); they registered their names and ages; collected their egg (made of cardstock); decorated it, with various pens, felt-tips, gems, stickers etc.; handed it back and waited patiently for everyone else!  The ages where divided into two groups (7 and under/8 and over) and the Easter Bunny's helpers (namely... anyone I could rope into helping, usually other family members, this year this privilege fell to my brother, my sister and my brother-in-law) proceeded to hide all the decorated cardstock eggs out on the caravan park (easy places for the younger group, harder places for the older group). 
In the mean time... The Easter Bunny (me) explained the rules to the darling (and some not so darling) children.  When my 'hiders' returned, I then allowed the younger group out of the clubhouse to look for their eggs, 3 minutes later the older group were allowed to leave.  Mayhem then reigned as 47 children (plus some of their parents) started looking for Easter Eggs!  Oh what fun!  We learnt (the hard way) many years ago to make sure we wrote down where we hid all the eggs, as some children had difficulty finding their eggs, and as much as we all thought we would remember where they were - we didn't!  So NOW - because it really is not worth hearing 'Little Johnny' cry... "I can't find my eeeggggg!" - we make sure we know where each egg is hidden by recording it, as we hide it!
As the children found their eggs they bought them back to the clubhouse for their prize... this year it was a chocolate bunny lolly for the younger group and either a cream egg or packet of chocolate sweets for the older group.  They then handed their eggs to another helper (I'm good at roping people in!) for it to be stuck to the black board with their name and age, and displayed for all to see (the children are always very proud of their creations, and the parents are always interested to see what has been produced!).  The first, second and third child who returned were also rewarded with a rosette.
At this point each child is offered the chance to participate in the Scavenger Hunt.  They have the rest of the day to collect the items on the list and to return it to the clubhouse between 7.30pm and 8.30pm (just before the bingo kicks off... but that's another story!).  At this time the Scavenger Hunt is marked (by our resident 'Judge' - that would be ME) and prizes handed out.  We now have the timing just right, that one event leads directly onto another!
So you can see what an amazing Easter Break we've had.
Mixed Blessing?
... Because on Saturday my BEAUTIFUL pedigree Russian Blue Cat was run over
and killed!  So very, very upsetting, but, again I must count my blessings knowing that he was killed instantly, and didn't suffer.
Even though I was incredible busy this weekend (I also had my brother, niece and nephew staying with me and my other niece wasn't far behind... it really is no fun sleeping in a bed with two little girls, especially when one of them likes to sleep side-ways, even if it is flattering to be regarded as "You're the best... ever, Auntie Karen", I'm getting too old for this kind of thing and my back has been protesting ever since!), and funnily enough, I still found time to do some crafting!
So now I've finished my ramblings... I'll get on with the crafting bit. 

I'd like to share with you the quick card I made from the left-overs from my previous card (last week) and a scrapbooking page I completed about my niece's 8th birthday...
Bits and pieces left over from last weeks card, the gems are from my local 'Pound (£)' shop.

All the papers (and 'thickers') are from 'AMERICAN CRAFTS ' 'My Girl' Collection.

These hearts were a £ shop find (21 chipboard heats for £1)

Fabric flowers and leaves are from 'CREATE AND CRAFT TV' shopping channel

Enamel pin is from Jan/Feb 'QUIRKY' Embellishment Kit

I'm so pleased with how this turned out, I think it is the colours that I find the most appealing, and OF COURSE that beautiful photograph of my lovely little niece!
Enjoy your crafting... there's a great challenge at MY CRAFT CREATIONS at the moment... go check it out for some amazing inspiration. AND a great linky colour challenge with CRAFTIN DESERT DIVA'S
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  1. Geez, Karen, I am tired out, just thinking about the Easter Egg hun, and all it entails, it was both your card and your scrapbook page, hugs xxx

    1. Goodness me, Avril Ann... aren't you on the ball! I only posted this yesterday! Your comment is not only VERY welcome but a little longer (and more interesting) than the usual "thanks for playing along with us at ..." Not that I'm complaining ALL comments are VERY, VERY welcome (before I offend someone!!). It was such a relief to do some relaxing crafting after (and during) my hectic weekend. I am truly blessed. Our customers (and friends) now have a routine going - Friday is "Get-together-and-lets-have-a-few-drinks" Night; Saturday is "Lets-dance-the-night-away-listening-to-the-great-disco-music Night; Sunday is "Karen's-got-the-kids-sorted-until-the-bingo" Night and Monday is "I'm-glad-we've-got-today-to-recover-before-we-go-home" Night. As I get older, I think I only manage it all because I'm super-organised (otherwise I wouldn't find time to craft!). Thank you for the wonderful comment...

      p.s. I'm loving all the Lelli-Bot stuff you've been using lately (dark, but so, so beautiful)...

      Happy Crafting :-)

  2. So sorry to hear about your loss, it is so hard when they leave us x The Easter hunt sounds great wish there had been things like that when I was growing up

  3. BEAUTIFUL job on your scrapbook page!! LOVE it! So sorry to hear of your loss of your family pet :(

    Thanks for joining our linky party over at Craftin' Desert Divas!

    Jessica-DT Member

  4. A lovely project, thank you for joining the my craft creations challenge, good luck x


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