Tuesday, 1 April 2014

PL - Moorlands... the beginning

So here's the start of my 'Moorlands' PROJECT LIFE.  Hopefully this (when complete) will be an account of our lives at Moorlands Caravan Park.  It's been great fun looking through all the old photos, but a REAL pain in the behind to figure out what all the dates were!
I have a HUGE chest of photos that I've gone through and sorted into different categories - although as soon as I'd sorted out any 'Moorlands' ones, I got started on my album.  I have found that the whole day can pass with recalling memories and reminiscing!  I bought an album (yes, another one), especially for this project and I am trying to use just one core kit (Kraft).
The object of this album (unlike my weekly one) is simply to have a place to put all the 'Moorlands' memories into.  Sometimes I document different events or occasions, but its not that important as I'm always going to be 'playing catch-up', and the past is the past, I don't always remember what happen, when.  I've also discovered that the same picture will have different memories for different people... it's been a wonderful experience so far.  And well worth the effort of getting all those photos out of storage.

... album

... KRAFT core kit

... BECKY HIGGINS page protectors (design A)
... first couple of pages

So I've made a start... more to follow!
Blah... blah... blah...

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