Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Kit Killer

What Happened...

To Spring?

It hasn't stopped raining since I posted about 'Spring Has Sprung'! Really, what is going on?  And why am I surprised?  The British weather is about as predictable as... the actions of a schizophrenic or a box of fortune cookies or a long-term employee of McDonalds or a game of chance or... shall I go on?
Well rain or no rain crafting must be done!  Oops, I think that should read 'work' must be done, but what the heck, crafting is more fun!
I killed my Scraptastic kit... 'killing a kit' is apparently something you have done when you have managed to use up all the supplies in your kit (us Brit, don't refer to our stash in any shape or form as ever being 'killed', just thinking about murdering my stash is sending me into a panic... but since the Americans seem to have this scrapbooking thing down to a fine art... who am I to argue?), or as much of the kit as to not be able to produce anything more.
I was very frugal (if you can call spending money you don't really have - as 'frugal') and only bought ONE main kit with no add-ons or extras (aren't I a good girl?  We won't mention the rather large packages my charming postman has just humped up my flight of stairs).  So, anyway, I'm quite pleased with myself for getting six pages and one card from my April Scraptastic 'LET ME GO' kit.
This very simple card was made with the few remaining scraps of paper left after I'd finished my sixth layout...
... 'The Kit Killer'
I wanted to follow the brief on the Scraptastic Blog site and make a 'Miss You' card using one of April's stamp sets (so when I said earlier that I didn't buy any 'extras'... I lied, I DID, I bought the stamp set from the other kit available - 'WORTH WONDERING', it had such lovely things on it that I couldn't resist... sorry about the dishonesty (or rather I'm sorry I got caught!). 

SCRAPTASTIC BLOG - April's 3rd blog challenge - 'Miss You Card Using April's Stamp Set'


If you're interested... this kit contained...
1 12x12 - FANCY PANTS 'As You Wish' - 'Dictionary'
1 12x12 - FANCY PANTS 'As You Wish' - 'This & That'
1 12x12 - FANCY PANTS 'As You Wish' - 'World Travels'
1 12x12 - CRATE PAPER (by MAGGIE HOLMES) 'Styleboard' - 'Pretty Palette'
1 12x12 - CRATE PAPER (by MAGGIE HOLMES) 'Styleboard' - Sweet Collection'
1 12x12 PEBBLES 'Garden Party' - 'Tulip'
6 12x12 BAZZILL - cardstock - 'Aqua', 'Aspen', 'Sawdust'
Embellishments - loads of...

I have had some lovely comments left on this blog... I THANK YOU xxx

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