Sunday, 4 May 2014

Album One

Hello Y'all...
At some point I hope to share some more of my PROJECT LIFE album with you, but I couldn't resist sharing the completion of my first album, 'arse about face' I know but I'm just so pleased with myself!!! 
I've been PL'ing since last year, every week I get my photos printed and place them in my page protectors along with journaling and embellishments.  I was hoping to fit a years worth of PL into two albums... I didn't manage it.  This first album has a total of 21 weeks along with various inserts, if a particular week had extra 'stuff' going on (like Christmas and/or birthdays).
Here's some pics...
'FIRST' TITLE PAGE - using Olive Edition

     <-------  Week 47 2013 The 'beginning'


week 16

 'LAST' TITLE PAGE - The 'end' 

Page Dividers (Dec 2013 - Apr 2014)

And that's my 'show & tell' for today!  Now I've got to go out and buy more albums, even though I'm supposed to be on a spending 'freeze'... but 'needs must'!  It's not MY fault CREATEANDCRAFT.TV has got a sale of PL stuff at the moment! he he he...
Blah... blah... blah...

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