Sunday, 18 May 2014

Rush Job...

What is it with my kids?  Why do they leave it to the last minute before asking me to make a card for them?  My daughter was bad enough - she gave me 12 hours... but my son? 12 minutes!!!
And they are both very specific about what they do and/or don't want!
The brief:- 
  • Time limit - 12 minutes
  • Must be red and blue
  • Must have a least one tractor on it
  • Must be big
A tractor? At such short notice?
... then I remembered last week our village had a charity tractor run, and I'd taken photographs and make a collage for my 'project life' - PERFECT.
I quickly opened the photos and edited them in 'word'     ~     printed them out after I'd digitally added a sentiment     ~     found a red card blank and splattered it with red and blue ink     ~     mounted the photos on the card, added twine and a brad     ~     stamped a sentiment     ~     all done!
Do they appreciate me? yeah they do...
Will they do it again? probably...
My, 12 minute "but I need it NOW!" card!
MY CRAFT CREATIONS - New challenge 12/5-24/5/2014 - 'Anything Goes'

Blah... blah... blah...
p.s. I forgot to mention this great new blog, all about a new craft magazine... LETS GET INSPIRED,maybe you've
noticed lately that I've been using some great layouts
from LETS GET SKETCHY and now they've got
another blog with all the inspiration
you could need... so pop over
and get inspired!

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