Monday, 26 May 2014

Just The 3 Of Us

My seventh layout using May's SCRAPTASTIC kit.  I haven't a clue when this was taken, but since it is rare to get a picture of me, my mum and my sister all together, I couldn't resist scrapping it...

I've also whipped up a little card today, for a friend who has been a huge help to me over this last weekend (and every weekend!).  She's an amazing friend who is always there to lend a hand, no matter what she is going through herself... so for you Julie... THANK YOU x



CRAFTING AT THE WEEKEND - Ch #1 - 'Anything Goes'

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Layout Six

This is my sixth layout with my May SCRAPTASTIC kit, I've still got loads of stuff in this kit (nowhere near 'killing' it) and I've already had my code for June's kit!  I'd better find some more photos to scrap!
Bank Holiday for us in the UK, and our caravan park is busy... but not as  busy as usual!  All the rain 'might' have something to do with it!  We all still enjoyed the disco and raffle last night, even with the reduced numbers.
I did manage to help my mum clean the clubhouse early this morning, ready for lunchtime opening and bingo tonight!  So there'll be no crafting for me today (well, maybe I can fit in a card... or two, or a scrapbook page or...). 
So... number six...

 I love how this turned out.
CRAFTING FROM THE HEART - Ch #19 - 'Anything Goes'

CRAFTY GIRLS CHALLENGES - Ch #18 - 'Anything Goes'
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Friday, 23 May 2014

Pull and Stand

No, its not my new exercise regimen!

Years ago (and I mean YEARS) I bought a 'pull and stand' card kit ( 'kit' is a bit of a stretch, since it only contained the cards themselves, but hey ho, I bought them anyway!) from CREATE AND CRAFT.TV, thinking (like you do) that they would be a great addition to my crafting stash and of the hundreds of fabulous cards I would make with them.  Did I?

NO, not a one!

Until NOW...

The idea is that you decorate the front and the pull mechanism (which is also the stand), glue the appropriate bits together and et voile you have a very unusual card.  Well, this is what I have eventually made from the kit...

I used a VERY old piece of RECOLLECTIONS 'Valentine' paper from an old, old paper stack, for the front  and back mats.  The banner is from my stash, the flower and cloud toppers are from AMY TANGERINE 'Yes, Please' 'bits'.  I have stamped onto the cloud with an old 'love' stamp using STAMPIN UP ink (tempting turquoise).

...pull the ribbon

...pull all the way

fold it over (and stand) - this is the back
The sentiment is (again) from an old collection I have in my stash and is stamped using MEMENTO ink (black).


THROUGH THE CRAFTROOM DOOR - May ttcrd 20th - 26th - 'Anything Goes'


Happy Crafting, have a GREAT weekend :-)

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Scrapbooking - don't get too serious, its just a hobby!
THE most useful scrapbooking video of all time - here...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

PL - Week Seven

Quick share... week 7...

I used a mixture of different kits for this week... just had fun and see what when with what!
Have a great day... I'm off to see the homeopathist x
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p.s... LOVE these process vids - this lady to SO talented!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Todays sketch is...

Courtesy of SKETCHES IN THYME #126 - (free challenge - I used #124 as my guide)...

All of the supplies are from my May SCRAPTASTIC kit - 'The Story I Heard'.
Thanks for stopping by... happy crafting!
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Just Add...

Another layout today using my SCRAPTASTIC May kit and a sketchy (LETS GET SKETCHY), oh its so much fun! Some pictures you can scrap and scrap again.  Like most mothers, my kids are my world (no matter how old they are), so that's what I've scrapped.
Years ago, someone asked me if I was worried about the effect living on a caravan park and having a clubhouse (access to all that alcohol), would have on my children... my reply was always the same... NO.  Living on the caravan park meant my children had an amazing amount of freedom, but at the same time (because of the wonderful community we have built up over the years), my children (and everyone else's for that matter) were constantly supervised.  My kids used to ask me how I knew when they'd been up to something (not that I'd every tell them... it was MY secret weapon after all), I knew - because someone would spot anything naughty and let the appropriate parent know. PARENTS SECRET NETWORK - it works!
The atmosphere in which my kids grew up, was one of 'holidaying', since most of the people who were around, had left their troubles behind them and were out to enjoy their free time, they were relaxed and happy - could I ask for a better atmosphere?  As to the alcohol... my kids were very aware of its (excessive) effect, and at the end of the day, if they had wanted to indulge - they would have found a way!  As it was, I had to trust in all that I had taught them and hope they made the right choices as they reached 18.  My daughter is moderation personified - my son... not so much!
And now I just enjoy them for the wonderful adults they are... at least I don't worry so much.  Now the choices they make are their own... I'll just help pick up the pieces if I have to!

Which leads me on to my layout... again I have followed a sketch...

(I felt the need to turn it on it's side, 90degrees?)
This is what I came up with... and I love it (of course the 'subject material' is very close to my heart!)!

I absolutely LOVE this floral paper by TERESA COLLINS 'Daily Stories', so much so that if it wasn't for my 'SPENDING FREEZE' I would be buying the collection!

LETS GET SKETCHY - May Week 2, Team B - 'Sketch'
613 AVENUE CREATE - Ch #72 - 'Anything Goes - with a twist' (heart/arrow/rectangle)
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Monday, 19 May 2014

I Am The Musicman

Hi y'all

I've taken out my Scraptastic May kit and I've found a sketch I like... the result...



LETS GET SKETCHY - May Week 1 team A - 'Sketch'


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check it out...

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Rush Job...

What is it with my kids?  Why do they leave it to the last minute before asking me to make a card for them?  My daughter was bad enough - she gave me 12 hours... but my son? 12 minutes!!!
And they are both very specific about what they do and/or don't want!
The brief:- 
  • Time limit - 12 minutes
  • Must be red and blue
  • Must have a least one tractor on it
  • Must be big
A tractor? At such short notice?
... then I remembered last week our village had a charity tractor run, and I'd taken photographs and make a collage for my 'project life' - PERFECT.
I quickly opened the photos and edited them in 'word'     ~     printed them out after I'd digitally added a sentiment     ~     found a red card blank and splattered it with red and blue ink     ~     mounted the photos on the card, added twine and a brad     ~     stamped a sentiment     ~     all done!
Do they appreciate me? yeah they do...
Will they do it again? probably...
My, 12 minute "but I need it NOW!" card!
MY CRAFT CREATIONS - New challenge 12/5-24/5/2014 - 'Anything Goes'

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p.s. I forgot to mention this great new blog, all about a new craft magazine... LETS GET INSPIRED,maybe you've
noticed lately that I've been using some great layouts
from LETS GET SKETCHY and now they've got
another blog with all the inspiration
you could need... so pop over
and get inspired!