Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Good Morning, my little munchkins...

So how's it hanging?  I'm still sneezing, snuffling and generally mucus-ified (graphic!!), but hey ho... life is nothing if not interesting!
I was having a look at some of the crafting challenges about for halloween and thought I might have a go.  So I'm going to put this...

Welcome to Boo-ville
I'm just hoping that I've followed the rules correctly and done everything I'm supposed to... I wonder how long it takes to no longer question EVERYTHING I do on this blog (~sigh~).
I've got a few crafting items I'm selling on ebay at the moment, and I've just discovered that the postage is even higher than I thought, and I'm actually losing money on them! Sometimes I feel a REAL idiot!  Still we live and learn (I wonder why I always have to do it the hard way!).
I'd better get on with some crafting before I have to start work.  The club is open tonight, but the darts team is away, so it should be fairly quiet.
Looking at the preview of this blog post... it sound a bit depressing, sorry 'bout that... I think it must be this cold I've got!  I did think about changing it but... what the hell!  We all have off days, right?
Blah... blah... blah...

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  1. Simply adorable!! Thanks so much for joining us at Paper Playtime!!


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