Saturday, 20 October 2012


Sorry, no crafting today! Having a little trip away with mummy!  We've gone to the seaside... yes we set off early this morning (well I say early, it was in fact after mum had had her hair done, and been to see the hearing aid lady, and after early morning coffee, and then after morning coffee!). Had a lovely leisurely drive through the beautiful Welsh countryside (it was raining... surprised?), and got to Fishguard in time for late morning coffee (we like coffee!).
We gazed across the balcony at the blue, blue sea underneath the grey grey skies (it's raining!), then promptly went back inside (and had coffee) and did nothing for the rest of the day except chatted.
Promptly at 5.30pm it was ready to get ready.  This having been done... we were now suitably primped and painted so we set off for Wolf's Castle (what a fabulous name... however there are no wolves and we didn't see a castle!).  Once there we wined and dined.
'A Welsh Night' at the Wolf's Castle Hotel... what a brilliant evening we had.  After a wine spritzer each and a lovely assortment of canapes (consisting of lots of leeks, sausage, laverbread, asparagus and cheese), we had our first course - baked leeks in Caerphilly cheese with a perfectly poached egg on top! Yummy scrummy!  However now we have a problem!  We have gazed at the menu before hand, and know that dessert consists of cinnamon ice-cream in a brandy snap basket, bara birth butter pudding AND gingered poached plums, we KNOW we want these delicious sweets... but we are already FULL.  What to do?  We did what all greedy pigs do and carried on eating!  We ploughed through the main course of lamb, creamed potatoes, spinach and leeks and sat back waiting our trio of desserts! And believe me they were terrific! By the time we got home we were both complaining of having eaten too much (REALLY, can't understand how!).  Usually we would roll in and put the kettle on for... yes you've guessed it, a cup of coffee, and an extremely large glass of liqueur.  Tonight however we couldn't manage to stuff anything else down our greed gullets!  If only I had my crafting supplies with me, I would naturally sit down, RIGHT NOW, and start crafting away - NOT! I'm off to bed, if I can waddle my great big fat belly up them there stairs...
Blah... blah... blag...

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