Saturday, 20 October 2012

To Buy or Not to Buy... that is the question!

It is lovely, I'm sure you will agree, to 'get away from it all'.  Well I have, I'm still in Fishguard (well Goodwick, to be presise), and I am still relaxed and enjoying the view from the balcony, of the wide expanse of the Irish Sea.  The weather is being particularly kind, and the sun is out (I kid you, not!), and as I view the hussle and bustle of the arriving (and then departing) Stena Line Ferry I realised just how wonderful it is to be CONTENT.
Life has such a very annoying habit of getting in the way of our envisaged plans.  We know (when we are teenagers) that we will one day be rich; that we will have sucessful careers; that we will never have to diet; we will have precisely 2.4 children and have faithful loving spouses (after we have had an equally fabulous wedding with all the trimming).  Life truely has a lot to answer for!
Having experienced some of life myself (I am no spring chicken), I try very hard to rid my children of their rose-coloured glasses... I do this, not through any malice or feelings of injustice, but because I love them and want to prepare them for the (hopefully, only occassional) disappointment!  And then I SHUT-UP, because I realise that the joy of being young is looking at life through rose-coloured glasses.  The young don't want to be prepared for any upsets that may come their way... and so I just tell them... it is the bad times that make us realise what good times are!  And that "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger".
I think it is probably a good job I'm going home tomorrow, since I appear to have turned into some kind of philosopher! 
But for now I will content myself with surfing the internet and placing bids on EBay.  Which reminds me... I have just purchased a new (well someones OLD) cricut expression machine.  I only did it because... through my own ineptitude I thought I'd lost out on the bidding (not very computer savvy, me) and in that moment realise that I had missed out on the bargin of the century and the more I thought about my missed opportunity the more I wanted it!  I was umming and arhing, to buy or not to buy! Up until I thought I couldn't have it, and then all lifes focus was on how I so needed item # 2012477582023... So when I discovered that it was still up for auction, I naturally HAD to have it!  I'll let you know if I've wasted my hard earned cash... again!  Anyone who says they only MAKE money on EBay is a liar (or just very, very, very disciplined)!  I AM NOT!
Anyway... my biggest concern for today is going to be, which bottle of wine to open and whether to have pizza or chinese delivered... oh life is good... have a lovely weekend everyone, I hope you get more crafting done than me, which won't be hard...
Blah... blah... blah...

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