Monday, 15 October 2012

I'm Back!

(as Russell Casse said in Independence Day, or indeed good old Arnie in Terminator)

Just got back from a trip to see my big bro, now home again, home again - in rainy Wales (that's why its green, all the bloody rain!)
I thought I'd share a quick card with you... using some 'Hunkydory' cardstock I bought awhile ago.  All it is, is a panel of cardstock (blinged up); the corners rounded using a punch; then I glue it onto a card blank, added a sentiment and Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt!
Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!
Some other sayings and meanings...
SON OF A GUN After sailors had crossed the Atlantic to the West Indies, they would take the native women on board the ship and have their way with them in between the cannons. Some of the women the sailors left behind would have boys, who were called sons between the guns.

PATENT LEATHER After the Patten shoe which the young women wore in the buttery. When the cream spilled on their shoes, the fat would tend to make the leather shiny.

BEAT AROUND THE BUSH Game birds were scared out of their hiding places under bushes and then killed.

CUT THROUGH THE RED TAPE Solicitors kept their clients papers in a file folder tied with red ribbon to prevent the papers from falling out. Of course, when they wanted to get at the papers, they would have to cut through the red tape.

MINDING YOUR Ps & Qs Ale was served at local taverns out of a "tankard" ... you were charged by the angle of your elbow ... half-way up... you drank a pint, all the way up... you drank a quart. Since the Quart cost so much more than the Pint, you were warned to "Mind your Ps & Qs"
Comment from Bill Kling: "Minding one's p's and q's" is a typesetter's admonition. When you handle individual character type slugs, you need to be careful of how you store and retrieve the p's and q's, because they look so much alike.
Oh and by the way... the time is now 15:58 (and forty seconds)!
Blah... blah... blah...

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