Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Just Call Me Mystic Meg!

As predicted the clubhouse is VERY quiet, well the weather is bad (rain... surprised?) and the darts team is away... good luck boys (we're gonna need it!).
Well I'm afraid the cold got the better of me and I didn't finish my card project of the day!  Unlike so many very, very talented people out there... I am not a never-ending font of inspiration, I do not reel out cards and/or projects like the proverbial machine gun.  I have SO much stuff (you know, crafting goodies so DESPERATELY needed at the time, but then promptly shoved out the way), that very often I forget what I've got - ever been there? - so I go trawling through it all... then (I have to say) get very distracted - I have a very short attention span, it would seem!
You would think that over the years of motherhood I would have gained a better developed grasp of the concentration needed for everyday life... but alas no!  Instead of children making me more aware of my surroundings, I fear they have managed to erode what little brain I had in the first place.  Wonderful, though it was, after bandaging the upteenth knee or kissing the millionth scrap; after trying to fathom long division and the need for trigonometry; and after trying to explain safe sex and how to use the washing machine, the stuff in my cranium appears to have given up some of its fight and simply accepted that it is, very often, better to just switch off and 'go with the flow'.  The result of which is that I do not accept that I have a short attention span due to my advancing age, oh no!  But because my delightful children have helped me establish a laid-back approach to life.
Just so you don't get too bored, listening to me ramble on... here's a card a made awhile ago, I used some free papers from a craft magazine, the fire was from a cricut cartridge and the face was a peachy keen stamp... cute init!
Gotta go, laptop is failing... it's just about run out of juice and I've gotta pour a few more pints...  nightie, night crafters...
Blah... blah... blah...

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